Mystery 70's chiller with intelligent chimps?


I'm trying to identify a great film I saw in the mid-to-late 70's on TV that was made in the late 60s/early to mid 70s (I believe), that had some scientists doing experiments on chimpanzees who were named after world conquerors such as Alexander the Great & Julius Caesar (the chimps, not the scientists lol). Things naturally go awry, and the last shot was a chilling one of the final scientist left alive locked in a room, and a chimp's face looking in through the door's window. Any clues??? Cheers!

So do I! I have the feeling the lab/experimental building was somewhere chilly, like the arctic, but not sure...
Mmm - I can always smell a graveyard!

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I went through this extensive list and it is either not there or I missed it. This list doesn't have TV movies, maybe it's that.

I have to say this sounds like a tv episode of something like Tales Of The Unexpected or Hammer House Of Horror, one of those type programmes that were quite popular in the 70's and early 80's over here. I don't know if it is, but that'd be my guess.

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Of course, I suppose it's just a coincidence that a chimpanzee character named Caesar (Roddy McDowell as an adult) played an important role in The Planet of the Apes series of movies.
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Are you sure, Columbo, or is this just a ploy to get the chimps to confess?

Not unless the last shot of one of the Planet of the Apes movies has 'a scientist left alive locked in a room, and a chimp's face looking in through the door's window' ...

Heck maybe it was Conquest or Battle eh. Who knows...don't remember that being the final shot on either though, and I own all em'.

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I don't remember it either, but I would have hoped that they actually showed a significant moment in the sequels. Then again, it does sound semi-familiar as a TV show and as some frosty location (which would add to the concept of it being TV).

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The downbeat ending sounds like something more likely from a TV movie or an anthology series, or anthology movie with several stories.

I had seen a similar movie which is set entirely in a building, where bunch of employees play this Role Playing game after midnight. Their task is to track down a hidden object.

Until somehow experimental ape shows up and starts killing them one by one..

I had seen this when I was a kid.. I remember enjoy it a lot..

Shakma would be your movie genesis_pig. Some other movies that come to mind. Project X, Link, Monkey Shines, Primal Rage, and In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro but these were all made in the 80's.

Some other movies that come to mind. Project X, Link, Monkey Shines...
Yeah, I know it's none of these. I have them. I don't recall this movie at all, so I don't suppose I've seen it. It sounds interesting, though.

The movie you were looking for is called:

"A Cold Night's Death"

And if you do a search on google you can even find sites to watch it online.

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Wow!! I too have been looking for this film ever since I saw it as a teenager! What's more it was in Germany, so the title was something completely different!!
Thanks guys for solving this mystery: A Cold Night's Death it is!
(Now to find it on DVD, hmmm... )