1950s-1960s movie with a group of Asian villains led by a woman


I thought I remembered something like that happening in the original Casino Royale but it's someone flying through the air and landing on a woman shoulders. It's at around the 2:48 mark.

Thank you, but it isn't.
I'm looking for prison movie:

"At one point in the fight one of the Asian men went flying through the air and one of the white men caught him on an accent chair that he held on top of his head."

A catch chair is not cheap -- $1300 with webbing installed https://www.cbe-circus.com/ground.htm

Here is one in action https://www.reddit.com/r/BeAmazed/co...sly/?rdt=47766

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Certainly, However, since we are looking for a movie, I am guessing it could have been done with camera trickery, rather than using these circus techniques.