The Mandalorian (Star Wars)


That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Oh wow. Ok, thanks for the details. I really don't remember finishing the Book of Bobba Fet, so figured I just missed some obvious side plot there. In that context, I can totally agree.
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I'm not sure of the specifics, but I think the first couple episodes were just its own thing (and fairly meh), and then Mando shows up and takes over in episode 3 or 4 or something. And it's quite good! It's basically, as one TV critic described it, season 2.5.

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Sounds like I did the right thing swearing off these shows. Writers be pulling their hamstrings.
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Sounds like I did the right thing swearing off these shows. Writers be pulling their hamstrings.
Yea, also who sits down in a meeting and decides that it would even be a good idea to give a mysterious side character like Boba Fett their own show.

The shit show rolls on.

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Anyway. My meaning in all this is to ask if there was actually a plot point within that series (or another?) that explains Grogu's return here? Or is that explained in the new season of the Mandalorian?
There wasn't anything in the new season of Mandalorian to explain Grogu's return. It's messed up that they blended the show with Boba Fett. No matter. I like Grogu. He's a cute little fellow.

There was an online article somewhere that explained why they took that abrupt detour in BoBF. It was a logical explanation but yeah people need to watch it for continuities sake. I just watched the premiere and it looks like it will follow the same beats as previous seasons. Mando undertakes a quest followed by a buttload of side quests.

Ghouls, vampires, werewolves... let's party.
I just finished watching episode 3. I hated it. Or most of it. The bulk of the show focuses on characters that have nothing to do with the Mandalorian and at some point I almost forgot what the hell I was watching. I had to check the title of the show twice to see if I was watching something else.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Haven't started it. Friend seems really into it, but then I see that gif and wonder.

I finally made the most important decision of my viewing habits a few months backÖ

I said screw FOMO and screw these assembly-line productions that Iím wasting my precious time on. And I stopped actively following Marvel. Star Wars. DC. And I guess you could say Disney in generalÖ

Best decision I ever made. Havenít felt such relief in a long time. I simply realized I wasted too much time watching mediocre or bad stuff just because it was popular and/or connected to something else. Even the stuff I sort of enjoyed I didnít really enjoy enough to actually make it all worth it. So I stopped. Havenít looked back since. Doesnít mean I wonít ever watch anything in that category again. But Iím not actively following along anymore.

I enjoyed parts of Mandalorian seasons 1 and 2 okay, but havenít really felt the urge to watch season 3. Havenít had the urge to watch something like She-Hulk either. Or Black Adam. Or Shazam 2. Or that Guardians Holiday special. Or Ant-Man 3. Or whatever else in that ballpark.

I wish for the future that we one day walk away from this multiverse and connected universe stuff. I miss just enjoying a movie or a show and not having to watch 15 films and 3 tv shows to enjoy something. Or to know what happens next...

Apart of the perpetual side-quest game-mechanic of the show, the dialogue is bad. Obviously, they wanted Black to be a sort of Goldblum/Grandmaster character, but he's written as someone vaguely whimsical and nice. The lines sound like something out of My Little Pony. You were bad, but you used to be good, so we will send you to the moon for a time-out!

Ima say it. I want Grogu dead. Violently dead. Crimson hamburger with green speckles dead. And Mando goes on a gory revenge streak rivaling Shogun Assassin. And then Mando dies. The. End.

It has noticeably lost a step. I think even the diehard fans would agree with that.

And as far comic book movies go, I won't miss them if they just go away. Or at least take a sabbatical. It'll never happen though. There's no way they're turning their backs on that significant a revenue stream.

I actually enjoyed the season 3 finale.