Movie that upset you the most?


Really?! I was a teenager when I saw it but thought it was great. Jeff Goldblum I dont think I ever finished the sequel though.
It was great, "heartbreaking" is a compliment and Goldblum was brilliant, robbed of an Oscar nomination IMO.

It was great, "heartbreaking" is a compliment and Goldblum was brilliant, robbed of an Oscar nomination IMO.
Ah, Im mistaking upset with bad. Sorry, my bad.

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I agree that the end scene in The Fly was very sad and heartbreaking. Really well done by Geena Davis. That same scene was done years earlier on an episode of The Outer Limits The Architects of Fear (1963)

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All this Twilight ****. This movies makes me mad. This 50 shades of something also makes me wants to kill myself

The murdering of Trevor in “Pay it Forward” is always painful for me to watch. Another movie that upset me was “V.H.S. 2.” I enjoy scary movies, but not ones that are as demented/bloody and gory as some of the individual stories in “V.H.S. 2.” I admire the art and the concept behind the “V.H.S.” films, I just don’t think they are my type of horror.

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Freaks... well, freaked me out quite a bit the first time i saw it

also the movie Kids came out when i was like 13 and i was so sure i was gonna get AIDs after i saw that movie

I found Gattaca deeply moving
Yeah, I think the swimming sequence for instance really got to me at the time.

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Ok, I'm going to try and offer different versions of how I got offended.

Man of Steel: just offended by damn intelligence (and my eyes)

Zero Dark Thirty: offended my very being. Not as a muslim but just as a movie goer with basic understanding of what was happening in the world at the time and the "true" story behind this mess of a movie

Super Mario: well...need I say more?
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It didn't just upset me after viewing, it ****ed me up for about 3 days, the first night I had a nightmare, literally the second I fell asleep I replayed the scene with the baby in a dream and woke up yelling

Dawn of Justice, Not only me, this movie has offended every Batman lover. Batman's entire character arc in this film is about him becoming a hero again.

The film Under The Skin with Scarlett Johansson from 2013, while being all together a difficult movie to watch, just the elephant man scenes alone were super depressing, but the scene with the baby being left by itself at the beach and seeing it get dark as the baby sits there on the sand confused and alone crying his head off, contemplating the fate of that poor child was something I had a hard time with. Had to stop the movie for a moment just to process it and move on.

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1) Babe
Lots of shots and moments that can stay with you; the script could've done without many things that didn't work, but overall Babe's story on the farm is full of interactions that can make one upset.

2) Artificial Intelligence
Not the best movie ever made, but perhaps the most emotional.
David's ending with Monica is unrivalled as an emotional movie ending.

This movie upset me, because it was HORRIBLE! the cast in this film is truly laughable, Harry Potter?!
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