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Film and television actress who passed away in 2000; her TV credits include recurring roles on Delvecchio, The Charmings, Who's the Boss?, Cassie & Co., and Ned and Stacey.

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here's a new one:

She looks like Rachel's boss at Bloomingdale's, (I think her character's name was Joanna), on "Friends", but I don't know the name of the actress.
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I knew this was a good one to post...this is one of those actresses whose face is known to everyone but no one knows her name. Yes, she did play Jennifer Aniston's boss on Friends and her name is:

Allison LaPlaca


Definitely. Maybe best known for Lady in the Lake.

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Next one...and I seen her just last night, in a movie that is

I have seen His Girl Friday approximate eighty times in my life, including a rewatch couple weeks ago. You ain't getting anyone in that cast past me.

Helen Mack