My mate has just shown this band to me, they have a awsome sound has anyone heared of them and what are they like and are they any good live.

From what ive found out they are a heavy metal band from America and have one album named "Light from above" which was released March 18, 2008.

Here is the track listing off the album, it has a Metallica cover of Hit the lights, wonder what that sounds like?

"Shockwave" - 3:38
"Shout" - 3:26
"Warriors of Time" - 5:53
"Give Me a Chance" - 3:34
"Let Me" - 3:30
"Show Me the Way" - 3:59
"Enterprise" - 4:31
"Live Fast Die Young" - 3:01
"Hit the Lights" - 3:42 (Metallica cover)
"Black Abyss" - 4:06
"Light From Above" - 5:46
"Black Widow" (UK Bonus Track) - 3:48
"Again" (iTunes Bonus Track) - 3:18
"Rise" (Hot Topic Bonus Track) - 2:46
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