Pitch A Live Action Teen Titans Movie


Please hold your applause till after the me.
I grew up watching the animated Teen Titans show, and the show holds up even today with it's complex characters, interesting ideas, and great action. It's so much better than a certain reboot abomination that doesn't exist.

Anyway, with the DCEU starting up, I think it would be awesome to have a live action Teen Titans movie. (And this is if they finally get their heads out of their asses and start making much better films.)
Who would you cast and who should direct.

( I know they already cast Cyborg for the Justice League movie, but you can still take a pick for fun.)

That kid from Teen Wolf and those Maze Runner movies can be Robin. But I am sure he's grown up now.

I can't think of any actors at the moment. But casting won't be an issue, they can go for fresh faces. It's the direction that matters.
I'd hate to see a dark take.

Besides, I think Teen Titans can work great as a Live Action TV show.

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Besides, I think Teen Titans can work great as a Live Action TV show.
The series is definitely happening...it will just be called Titans. The cast is already set and will have:

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Robin
Teagan Croft as Raven
Anna Diop as Starfire
Ryan Potter as Beast Boy
Alan Ritchson as Hawk
Minka Kelly as Dove
Lindsay Gort as Amy Rohrbach, Robin's ally on the Bludhaven police

Thwaites posted the first photo of himself as Robin

The series will premiere in 2018 on DC's upcoming streaming service.
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Looks interesting. Atleast they didn't shy away from Robin's costume.
It's really bad when they think black is the answer to all costumes in comicbook adaptations.

Just saw the promo for Krypton, which is a prequel to Superman set in his homeworld and based on his grandfather. I still don't get why everyone seems to be wearing black. RIDICULOUS!
I am guessing black gives them a sense of security for worldwide acceptance.

F that noise. But if you want to pitch a live-action adaptation on "Teen Titans Go!", my door is always open. Waffles.

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"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Here are the official photos of Robin in the live action "Titans" series

Sounds great, letís go with it
However it needs to be explained, get rid of Cyborg and insert MM.

I would scrap a Teen Titans film, along with the 500 other unplanned movies Warner Bros. hasn't even found a director for yet.

Just reboot the DCEU under Disney. This whole universe is total garbage.
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