Top 100 Movie Stars Redux


Added lists from Ian, Mark, Matt and Hashtag 16 lists so far

That's 23/50 qualified now, nearly halfway there. Every new list is qualifying at least a few since there's so many on the verge of making it.

Keep 'em coming

Added Vamps List One more qualified but i had actually miscounted how many already had so that makes 25/50! Half way there

There's also about 30 waiting on just one more vote, including quite a few big names that i can't believe haven't made it already. So keep voting!

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Nobody can guess my #1
''Haters are my favourite. I've built an empire with the bricks they've thrown at me... Keep On Hating''
- CM Punk

Yah, thanks Beatle Just about to add it.

Holy *****! I just remembered someone who should've been on my list that somehow hasn't gotten a single vote after 21 lists, sad but i'm not gonna change my list hope others have better memories and actually like him or her.

Sent a list in. I went five dudes and five ladies.
You're the man. Twice the man actually as it is a bit of a sausage fest. Love that 2/3 of the lady list senders sent all male lists

No. I ADORE her, should've maybe even put her on. She is Jewish, but Sagittarius. What series was she in?
It must be Lisa Kudrow? I like her too

OK time for me to go eat dinner.

It must be Lisa Kudrow? I like her too

OK time for me to go eat dinner.
I like her're being sarcastic all the time?! She's also Jewish, but Leo, like me.

Yeah, I must be off too. Get some rest. Then I'll learn math and write a review of Artists and models.

Entered Beatle, JJ and Suspects lists That's 23 lists and 33/50 qualified.

There's a baffling amount of people that need just one vote, like 50 or something. And some very surprising people not getting votes. For example: Suspect you're the only person who has voted for your #10 after 23 lists There's plenty of others but that one stood out to me, probably coz it's the latest i added haha.

Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
Hey Camo I got your message...I'll get you a list in like 2 days, I just need to give it some thought. It will probably be more modern and Hollywood then impressive to be honest lol. Think Tom Cruise making top 5 haha