The Top 50 MoFos With The Highest Post Count...


I'm only gonna get ahead of you if the Sexy Curse gets you.

Which .... it might. Better pray.

I'm on page 9, somehow behind gbg. How the hell did she post more than me ?

I talk to myself a lot.

I know how to find my post count, and other individual post counts, but where is there a list of everyone's post counts?

I have quite a lot of posts to make up for. One thing I will say is unlike a lot of forums I have been on people do not just post for the sake of posting and getting higher counts which is nice as previous forums have had a lot of members who are obsessed with getting higher numbers and more posts and no actual content.
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I have another question.

How do you get to the member's list without a link?

I've been searching all over the place, and I can't seem to find a way to get there if you guys hadn't given me a direct link.
AFAIK, there isn't an official link for it anywhere on the forums. I just google " member list" to get it.

Do what I've doe.

Go to the members page... and save it to your favourites bar. Simple.