110 artist(e)s that helped shape my musical taste


Maybe 110 sounds a lot but tbh the list could have kept growing and growing so I had to say enough was enough somewhere and it's not like the artist(e)s are even aware of my own individual musical tastes so it's not like those that sadly missed out will undergo any undue heartache over it.

There'll be a few different genres encompassed in the list, lots of recognisable names (with maybe one or two that might be new to some) and plenty of very well known tracks alongside some that might be regarded as lesser lights.

I picked a track from each artist that I personally like, not necessarily my favourite track but one I feel is at least in someway representative. I also limited myself primarily to artist(e)s/tracks that impacted on me during my formative years, hence only 27 of them are from 1980 or later - with the latest being a little bit of a cheat from 1987 but I simply couldn't bring myself to leave that particular young Icelandic lady out of the mix.

I'll be listing by artist in alphabetical order btw, selecting them was tough ... ranking them nigh on impossible.

So without further ado ....
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10cc - The Wall Street Shuffle

Whilst not every track from 10cc hit the spot with me when they did they became favourites and they were undoubtedly super talented, hugely inventive but also never forgot how to be playful at the same time.

Sorry to interrupt, but is that a pic of you and your collection, or something you found online?
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I have high expectations. Mr. Chyp.

No pressure then

Just hope I can at least live partway up to the expectation though I know some absentees will be noticeable to different people on here. Then again it's my list, no point me knocking one up if the aim was purely to be popularist

Sorry to interrupt, but is that a pic of you and your collection, or something you found online?
Just a random on-line pic, I'm afraid my vinyl collection got disbanded some years ago thanks to a very acrimonious split from a former flame

ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing you

I may have missed out on Beatlemania but certainly didn't on ABBAmania - posters of Agnetha being the last thing I saw before I went to sleep and the first I saw on waking for quite a while in the seventies. Benny & Bjorn were just so smart in putting a number together and the ladies formed their own A-Team in harmonising so well.

AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie

The Bon Scott years of AC/DC will always be my favourite of theirs, these boys knew how to rock and I was just the perfect age to enjoy that immensely as it was viewed as being so 'anti-social' at the time.

Adam & The Ants - Cartrouble (pts. 1 & 2)

Whilst most probably know of them from when they hit the big time Adam & The Ants were fairly well known on the punk/alternative scene beforehand and it's still their earlier more experimental stuff that I prefer though I have to say I'm not averse to their output on Kings at all.

Alice Cooper - Elected

It's difficult for me to put my finger on exactly why I love Mr. Furnier's music so much, part of it is the sound for sure but part of it is also the sheer theatricality of a lot of what he does (so, so, so glad I finally got to see him perform live in a 300-400-seater in Vegas a few years ago).

Aretha Franklin - All Night Long

I do like to hear a little feeling in a voice and I'm naturally drawn more to female vocals than I am to male and for me in terms of female vocals Ms. Franklin is right up there with the very best.

B.B. King - What Happened

I'm a depressive, I've been a depressive for as long as I can remember, and I adore music that deals with being less than fortunate in life. That doesn't mean the music always has to necessarily make me feel depressed though, in fact some of it is downright uplifting to my way of thinking, and blues probably encompasses that dichotomy better than other genre ... you might've stolen my house, my job, my dog, my wife, my car and my money but hey I still got my guitar and the ability to sing about it!

Barbra Streisand - I Don't Care Much

She has a singing voice I could listen to forever and the ability to truly imbue a song with both light and shade. I was a fan from the very first time I heard her sing.

Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe

I'm male and 100% heterosexual and owe this man a few very fond memories but sometimes I'd swear it was debatable who he was turning on more ....

Bauhaus - Double Dare

Another hit and miss group with me but their first longplay release was simply awesome, fit the post-punk me perfectly and was one I all but wore out on the turntable.

I love that Bauhaus release Chyp, they're actually a pretty good band, one of the first acts to help shape Goth Rock as well.
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I love that Bauhaus release Chyp, they're actually a pretty good band, one of the first acts to help shape Goth Rock as well.
Always good to meet someone that loves that album, Murphy's vocals certainly weren't to everyone's taste but on that particular album they just went hand in hand with the music perfectly imo.

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So far B.B King and Barbra Streisand are my favs on this list. ABBA, AC/DC, and Alice Cooper don't fit my musical taste very often but when they do, it's usually a classic (Dancing Queen, You Shook me All Night Long, Hey Stoopid)

Beach Boys, The - Don't Worry Baby

My father was a chorister when young so vocal harmonies, whether of a religious type or of a more 'pop' variety, were frequently on when I was a child. It's one form of indoctrination I've never held against him.