Harvey Weinstein Fired!!


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I'm drawing a big, bright red line on any further replies that are nothing more than personal jabs, in any direction.
@Mr Minio is a stupid idiot and his retrograde views are detrimental to this forum's level of discussion. I hate the little bugger.
In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.

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You're reading too much into, "dropped soap." Care to adress the point Yoda made?
Why? He also stated that there's a problem with the self-contradiction in how people tend to perceive prison rape and it's not framed as a challenge or a disagreement to what I wrote, so I don't see any point in arguing with him.

Iro, just be honest. You wouldn't even know how to carry on a convo unless it involved debate and growing a tree from a seed. Your point has been tsken. I agree with you. However I believe you are, as usual, trolling ppl with a social justice front to be airtight with your internet confrontation habit.
That's very presumptuous of you, not only in stating that it is the only way I ever seem to converse but also that my point has been taken even though there are still people who are still arguing with or insulting me (and calling me the troll for continuing these arguments makes me question if you really do agree with me since I have shown time and time again that I don't do these kinds of arguments for the hell of it).

Did iroquois bring the Victorian Era back yet?

beats the hell out of trying to "make America great again" though

Sorry, what I meant to say was that it is preferable to make the effort in creating a new and improved era rather than fall back into the problems of the old by mistaking social consciousness for oppressive prudishness.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, Iím thinking about you.

Iro, I apologize. I was out of line. However, my assumption was based on that I haven't really ever seen you compliment or be nice or cheery. Probably just not paying attention. My thought was that for someone who defends human rights so much, this person sure seems like they hate everyone. Again, my apology for the childish post. Now I've said what I've meant to say.

Welcome to the human race...
Apology accepted, Joel. I think that might be because positivity in general is a little harder to gauge since it can be brief (disagreements tend to become more noticeable because of how they get drawn out while agreements by their very nature tend not to take too long) or done in ways that are not so easy to notice (e.g. the rep system, PMs, etc.).

Harvey Weinstein faces three new sexual misconduct charges

"Predatory sexual assault carries a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment...."

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W**nst**n and all other sexual abusers/ assaulters and r*pists should rot in jail. Sadly, that is often not the case.

My case is that the idea of framing prison rape as some kind of karmic punishment against convicted rapists can't help but carry the implication that rape can be acceptable under specific circumstances, which contradicts the notion that it's such a heinous crime against one's person that nobody (not even actual rapists) should ever have to suffer it.
You can point out the irony of a situation and laugh about it without condoning it.

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The Weinstein Company deal is closed, signed, sealed and delivered after a $21 million reduction due to payments owed to TWC talents. TWC will now be known as Lantern Entertainment.
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I just read this article at The Guardian
It made me feel ill just hearing about what this predator did to women and he did it for so long and with so many people enabling his predatory behavior. I sure hope his wealth and prestige doesn't prevent him from doing real prison time.

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He's been free the whole time, never using that "walker" on the streets of NYC.
(While a million are in jail because they can't afford a small bond/bail, awaiting trial, possibly months)...

How torn they must all be. Being his best friend for decades, and then suddenly having to pretend they never knew him. Just like Trump.

"I never met Eric Trump"

Iím sorry about what Iím about to say but that walking bag of waste was able to bang most of the Hollywood celebrities the rest of the world dreams jerking off to, he already won, and believe that most man see that guy as a pot of gold in the end of the rainbow, a mirage, a possibility, a god damn inspiration. Now, donít take me wrong, I respect womenís, more than most man and even womenís I know, but those (the ones he banged) arenít the ones I acknowledge, a woman for me is a warrior and Iím not joking, itís hard, hard to be one in this world. When I find one with real self respect, a spine, will and dignity I run, I fell intimidated, thatís happening less often, and that is because those that his been banging are the inspiration and role models for the womenís of tomorrow, the ones with my age and sadly even younger. The guy already won, I fell sickened and inspired at the same time.

He "won" if you think sleeping with attractive women is the most fulfilling thing in life, I guess. Somehow I doubt someone at the end of their life, having been shamed and prosecuted and with all their "conquests" (done begrudingly, in a way that cannot gratify the ego the way it might the body) behind them, will really feel as if they won. Especially if his fate is to be an unwilling conquest of someone else's.

He ďlostĒ if you believe reputation and what everyone else thinks is the most fulfilling thing in life, I guess.

Most people are still trivial, their master is money and power, they both buy appealing pussy. Todayís world is more and more focused on satisfying pleasures, and the greatest one of all will arguably be sex.

I donít consider banging ďattractive womenĒ my goal, attractive is very arbitrary, itís actually a idea that changes from time to time, now is big asses, years ago ankles.

Iíve long ago reached the realization that pleasures will not satisfy human beings, theyíre just momentary urges. I just say what most people think, thatís all.

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Bye Harvey.

Others might not agree but I find his worst crime was punishing those who said no to him by railroading their careers, especially a woman's movie career which is relatively short lived.

I wonder if when he exhaust appeals etc if he'll write a tell all book to try and get his own back, I'm sure he feels a sense of betrayal and he's the type of ******* to want the last word. It would be interesting to hear about some of the actresses who trade off their bodies for the top roles but that has always happened in Hollywood.

Color me vulgar, but I would like to know in what way his genitals were “deformed”.
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He's been free the whole time, never using that "walker" on the streets of NYC.
(While a million are in jail because they can't afford a small bond/bail, awaiting trial, possibly months)...

How torn they must all be. Being his best friend for decades, and then suddenly having to pretend they never knew him. Just like Trump.

"I never met Eric Trump"
Harvey was very close friends with the Clintons.