MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2019 Draft



For those who didn't notice the note, the draft is set for [b]SATURDAY, MARCH 2ND at 1:00 PM ET[/i]. That's 10:00 AM PT. This has, I think, been the same time of day as the last whatever years. It's a little earlier in March than usual, however. Nobody has objected yet and a bunch of people have confirmed their availability, though.

Anyway, I'm about to set the order so people can prepare accordingly. Same process as last year: I've got the order of the teams from the league site, each gets assigned a number from that order (1-12), and I use to grab a 1-12 number for the first pick. I then remove that team, reduce the range to 11, and keep going.

Draft order up in a few minutes!

Final draft order:

  1. High-Level Arbitrage
  2. Peanuts&Crackerjacks
  3. Hakuna Machado
  4. Cobb County Corncobs
  5. Freedonia Ducks
  6. Done and Dunn
  7. The Empire
  8. Clockwork Angels
  9. Roll Out The Barrel
  10. Dodgers
  11. Roid or Roid not
  12. Moneyballers

True, but only because TONGO always wants the highest pick possible, even though it's a snake-style draft and some other pick is very often better.

A system of cells interlinked
I always seem to fall right around this same area in the draft. Let's see if I can avoid totally blowing it this season!
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

tongo will not be happy
Yea the Jase alt doesn't really know what he's talking about here, getting the two picks back-to-back can be super advantageous.