Jennifer Aniston: Good Actress or No?


Really hated her in Horrible Bosses
Really? I thought she did a great job. She is the type of actress that needs to get different roles to showcase her talent. She is no Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Connoelly, but she can hold her own.

I find Jen likeable, and think she's reasonably talented when it comes to light comedy/rom-com roles. And yet... pretty much all the films she's in are just depressingly mediocre. It ought to be perfectly possible to make a first-rate, sparkling rom-com with Aniston as one of the leads but time after time this fails to happen. Eventually you start to wonder if she isn't part of the problem.

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She definitely has a little groove she can work; I liked her in She's the One and Office Space, but generally, if she's carrying a movie, it won't be high on my to-see list.
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You know why she can carry a Movie? Her name! The best Movie she was done, when she was a Dental surgeon and wanted sexual favours with man assistant...that was funny, other than that, she is s***!

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I get all the hatred for her since she's consistently made some of the worst movies of all time, but give the girl some credit when she does a good job. She was excellent in The Good Girl and Horrible Bosses and she was very good in Derailed. I think she has the talent and obviously the comic ability, she's just chosen her roles poorly and/or she has a terrible agent.

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She was great in Horrible Bosses and Office Space, and I even liked her in Bruce Almighty. She's got good comic timing and she's beautiful but in an approachable way, I am honestly surprised that her film career is not as big as it should be. She's a damn sight better than Sandra Bullock. Really.
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I think she is a brilliant actress. She was great in Horrible Bosses, office Space, and amazing in Marley & Me.

Plus she's the only actress that gets hotter with age
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

You know why she can carry a Movie? Her name!
Erm... I think you probably mean why she can open a movie and, with that assumption in mind, that's what being able to open a movie relies on; having people go to your new film because you're in it. That's why they make the big bucks.
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Yeah, fair point. I always thought Pommy's were a little bit backwards, though, you're turning me around Lol!

I would care if she was in the type of movies i watched, but really do those movies need good acting?

Plus she's the only actress that gets hotter with age
I just recently watched "Wanderlust" ... she looks like she aged 10 years since "Horrible Bosses". Still pretty but she is fading fast.
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Out of all the Friends cast, she is not only the most successful but the least likely one to be remembered as her character from that show.

She has comedic timing and her role in Horrible Bosses shows she can do other stuff than just "nice funny girl".

I like her.
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I like The Good Girl which nobody ever seems to mention. That one has some depth and gives Ms. Aniston a little more to do than her usual cookie cutter girl next door shtick (Horrible Bosses aside). She's an adequate actress and pretty, but not really my type in either department.

She does her rom-com thing and she does it quite well. She may not be a versatile actress but she does what she does competently enough.

Wow, I actually wanted to start a thread about this yesterday.

I really don't think she's a great actress at all. A good one, maybe, but nothing more than that. Friends was obviously her greatest work, and she's been part of some very cheap movies since then.
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There isn't a whole lot of range there, but I think Aniston is good at what she does. I think her performance in THE GOOD GIRL showed some promise of what she could be but she has never been given the possibility to capitalize on it, with the possible exception of the ridiculous Hitchcockian-type thriller DERAILED, which was an epic fail IMO. I did enjoy her performances in ALONG CAME POLLY and RUMOR HAS IT.

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I thought she was hot in horrible bosses, but was tailor made for the male audience outlining what most males would like their wives to be like occasionally.

She's quite natural when it comes to acting but yeah she has the same roles, it's up to her whether she wants to push herself to try different genres, I think all the experience acting on friends would allow her to adapt to most roles.

Aniston doesn't deserve one but Razzie's are just fun anyway. Not a fan of Ben Affeck and Halle Berry but I respect them for accepting the award.
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