Poltergeist Reboot shooting in 2012


looks as good as the TMNT reboot compared to what both the originals were. Make original movies dammit!!!

I saw the trailer. Looks good to me. Should be a fun and scary date movie.
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I can't believe Poltergeist is actually getting remade! It's a 1980's classic it doesn't need a reboot.

Poltergeist is my absolute favorite horror film! If it ain't broken don't fix it! Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams, Dominique Dunne, Oliver Robins and Heather O'Rourke were brilliant in this film! Carol Anne and Tangina were two of the most iconic characters in all of film history.
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The remake was released yesterday... and has been crucified.

34% on RT.

One critic I read up on said he fell asleep.

Other complaints are that the film has no soul whatsoever. The original had a reason for the spooks... Craig T Nelson being the realtor... this remake has nothing, not even the warm and loving "real family" thing going on.
It's simply a CGI filled, loud and brash movie, filmed on a movie set.

Another critic says Sam Rockwell really needs to find another agent.
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Also worth noting the remake is about 21 minutes shorter then the original. Not sure how you pull that off.

I hammered this remake in a review ages ago... rated it 37%

Decided to sit and watch it again about an hour ago...

It's soooooooo bad.
I think I was far too generous with my rating.

Not just bad for a remake of a classic... it's just bad in general.
Wooden acting, bland, no tension... contrived boring CGI laden nonsense.
It's actually almost painful to watch. I got about 25 minutes in and it dawned on me all the terrible thoughts I was having, and actually said out loud "Why the hell am I watching this?" and switched it off.