Do you drink coffee?
If so what brand(s) of coffee do you drink?
What type(s) of coffee do you drink?

For me I drink both cafetiere and instant (but mainly cafetiere).

I am currently working through a bag of this.

I can't afford proper coffee, so end up with Kenco. Or those 3 in 1 crack packets that Nescafe do.
If I'm going all out, I have a standing order at Costa for a Gingerbread Latte, however.

I drink Carte Noire.
Not the espresso nespresso or cappuccino crap though. The basic one.

1 and a half spoons of coffee, 1 sugar, splash of milk... stir... then add the hot water slowly while stirring. Perfect.
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Bots gotta be bottin'

I love coffee. I drink Jacobs Cronat Gold instant coffee.

I make what I like to call cheap latte. I don't have a coffee machine so I just microwave a cup of milk for two minutes at 600W and then add two spoonfuls of the coffee and one of sugar. It may not be a proper latte but it's delicious anyway.
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