Kids movie: an island, pirates, treasure and an 'egg' compass


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Hi all.

I'm looking for the name of a movie.

It's a kids adventure movie where the main character (I'm sure it was a little boy) is teleported to an island where he needs to find a treasure in order to get home. There is a pirate party chasing him and there are quite a few settlements on this island all with different themes... One main thing I remember about this movie is there is a sort of egg compass that the main character has to throw off of a cliff in order to make it fly around and direct them to the treasure. It's an early 2000/late 1990's movie

Please help!
Thanks guys

I've changed the thread title to something a little more meaningful.
Sorry that it's not ringing any bells for me but hopefully someone else here might be able to help. Best wishes for finding your movie!