Should Ridley Scott Just Stop Making Movies?


Oh jeez..... I dont know why but I thought Ridley Scott directed Noah. SORRY GUYS!

Ridley Scott, great director that guy

He's made some great movies, Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down are great movies in my opinion but in the last 10 years;

Kingdom of Heaven- Critically slammed, sitting at around 34% on RT (although I really like it)

A Good Year- Critical and commercial failure.

American Gangster- Ok but felt like a could have been better. Commercial success.

Body of Lies- Mess of a film, Another Critical and commercial failure.

Robin Hood- Awful film, critical failure and commercial disappointment.

Prometheus- Performed well commercially, Critically did ok, felt very underwhelming compared to Alien movies.

The Counselor- Critical and Commercial failure.

Exodus: Gods and Kings- Early reviews are average. Another failure?

Ridley Scott is nearly 80 and he doesn't look like he's going to make anything great again so should he retire?
Not a big fan of this director's work for the most part, I loved Thelma and Louise and Alien was very good too, other than that...I have a feeling that Scott's best days are probably behind him.

I believe he's got one more great movie left in him,we might just have to sit through a few more ****** titles, and reason for last 10 years of **** he's made is because of one man,lol Russell Crowe I don't know how he's last as long as he has though do love gladiator