Twilight Of The Dead - Romero Sequel


Now that George A Romero has been gone for a few years, they've seen fit to make a "7th Romero Living Dead Movie".

Apparently Romero had written a few paragraphs of treatment for a new movie back in around 2010-11...

And Hollywood have seen it fitting to bring in Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas to basically write the script in full, saying "this will be the movie George A Romero wanted"

My thoughts:
Sorry, but, basing an entirely new script off the back of a plot outline that Romero wrote 7 years before he passed... is not a Romero Living Dead movie.

It's the same as Savini's 1990 remake and Snyder's 2004 remake (which are both ok movies I guess)... they're zombie movies based off an original Romero idea.

The fact they're calling this the 7th movie in Romero's series is an insult.

Oh, mediocre director Brad Anderson is directing.

No news yet on release date, but apparently was greenlit just before the recent strikes, and is now back on track again for production.

Actually, all this reminds me of Red Letter Media on Jurassic Park.

"Why haven't they remade Jurassic Park yet? It's been over 30 years"
"Spielberg's not dead yet so they're making sequels."
"Oh right. Yeah, when Spielberg dies his catalogue is gonna get r*ped. ET Returns will be in cinemas within 6 months"

As far as I can see Romero wanted Twilight to be the last film of this series, and one of the writers of the script worked with Romero on the idea for Twilight. So, I don't see the problem...

The last two films were hardly memorable, from what I can remember of them.

I enjoyed Session 9, The Machinist, and The Call, so will take a look.