Bad guy gets killed in diner. Customers want his stolen cash. Dilemma.



I really want to buy this movie that I watched online about 8 years ago but I can't remember the title. I can only remember one long scene which was set in an American diner.

In this diner were a number of customers talking about their money problems among other things when a shady looking character walks in and starts to make them feel uneasy. I think he ends up waving a gun around. He eventually gets challenged and killed by (I think) the owner. The now dead criminal had in his possession a bag full of cash.

Then follows a dilemma for the customers as they don't know whether or not to call the cops and hand over the cash or to keep the cash and dump the body somewhere.

They eventually decide to keep the cash and dump the body. Then the local sheriff walks in for a coffee and notices that something doesn't feel right about the atmosphere in the diner. He senses something odd with the (very nervous) customers.

I'd love to know what this movie is called. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Steve.

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the movie you are referring to is likely "A Simple Plan" (1998), directed by Sam Raimi

It's not this one thanks OHForums, but this looks really good and I'll soon add it to my dvd movie collection. Thank you very much for your help.

the movie you are referring to is likely "A Simple Plan" (1998), directed by Sam Raimi
It's not this movie thanks, workingnye. This movie that you've mentioned looks good and I'll soon be adding it to my collection. Many thanks for your help though.

[quote=pori;2443449]Just Your Luck?

This is the one!!!

Now I finally know the title. I checked out the trailer and found that I had got a part of the story wrong, in that the money wasn't stolen but more to do with a lottery win. Anyway, I'll watch the full movie you've posted and look at trying to find the dvd to buy.

Many thanks pori!!!