90'S forgotten Thriller


Hello! There's this (seemingly forgotten) early 90's thriller about a brunette woman who starts living with a family, and tries to get rid of the wife. First sleeps with the husband, the woman drugs the wife. When the wife catches the husband and the other woman during the act, she faints and both of them make her believe it's all a bad dream. There is a scene where the other woman tries to poison the wife with a cup of tea (or perhaps coffee?)
I watched this film once as a kid, but haven't been able to re-watch or even find ever since..
If you by any chance know anything about this film, please please do share. I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much for taking the time to read
Hints: mid to early 90's. Brunette evil woman, brunette wife as well. Bad woman drugs woman with cups of tea. That's all I can remember.. Once again thank you very much!

Oh my gosh! Thank you so very much! "Perfect alibi" is the film! Thank you!
I owe you a Drink! And thank you to the other reply as well!