Fake Virus Birthday Threat


I'm looking for a film but I don't remember its title, but here is a small part that I remember in the film, The film is a birthday film, In the film one of his friends wants to wish him happy birthday by organizing a fake birthday party towards his daughter and injecting her with a virus and throughout the night the latter must accomplish a mission to be able to save his daughter. At the end of the film, everything that is killed is in fact a sequence so that the latter arrives home at the first hour of his birthday.
Can you tell me the title of the film if you know it?

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Your question is very hard to understand. I think you are not a native speaker of English. You are misusing pronouns, and also misusing the word "latter". I also can't tell what you mean by the word "sequence".
Parts of your description match the movie "The Game", but that did not have a virus or a daughter.

Sounds like 80 Minutes (2008) but there is no daughter.

@tsisibedy What language was the movie in? What country did it take place in? What time period or era was it in? Were there any stars in the movie? Did it end happily or sadly?

Yes, it's this movie 80 Minutes (2008), thank you very much