Joker 2


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Brendan Gleeson is set to join the sequel of Joker.

I dont understand the need to make a sequel, besides making money. Can it really live up to the first movie? I doubt it.... though i know i am gonna watch it anyway

Literally just heard about this and came here to find what it was all about..

What the what!! I'm blown away by this, it seems they will do just about anything nowadays.

I kept thinking after the first one how a sequel is there because it is basically an origin story but at the same time thinking what an outlandish idea that would be and 0% chance of happening. Mad.

Iím very excited for this.

The choice of a musical of sorts seems so strange that there must be a good reason for it or at least a strong vision. Phoenix never does sequels, so Iím sure thereís a good reason he wanted to do the same character twice.

Im laughing to myself because everyone that is saying "no way am I seeing to see this" will end up seeing it. Its like the same level of preposterousness when they cast Tom Cruise as Lestat, and then he did such an incredible job even Anne Rice had to give the film credit.

We all want something fresh, but when it comes will we even try it? Of course if this ends up being Love and Thunder 2.0 ill be livid. For some reason though, call it a hunch or delusion, I think J2 will be better than the original, because itll be more original.

Had no interest at all in the original, but a musical Joker sounds amazing. I don't even like musicals but I might see it.

Phoenix made an amazing job in Joker. Can't wait to watch this movie.

again with Joaquin Phoenix?

Can't wait to see what the popcorn bucket will look like.

Can't wait to see what the popcorn bucket will look like.
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