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What do you guys think of them making a 2nd one? I watch tons of movies and avatar is one of my favs!

what do you guys think? like maybe a civil war or something?

get carried away thinking on it! I'll bbl lol!

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WARNING: "Avatar" spoilers below
The most obvious plotline would be the humans returning to Pandora about ten years later only with greater firepower and whatnot.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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What do you guys think of them making a 2nd one? I watch tons of movies and avatar is one of my favs!

what do you guys think? like maybe a civil war or something?

get carried away thinking on it! I'll bbl lol!
Yea I absolutely loved Avatar and also hope that James Cameron does pull the trigger for the sequel fairly soon. Most likely scenario would be another war on Pandora with another tribe like the Na'Vi but evil. There is all kinds of different rumors and speculations ranging from it being on one of the other moons, to RDA coming back in full force.

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It'll be interesting to see where he goes with it if he does make a sequel. Considering how long he took to make Avatar I'm sure if a sequel comes along it'll be really good and not just a crappy movie to cash in and start a franchise.

Yea I absolutely loved Avatar and also hope that James Cameron does pull the trigger for the sequel fairly soon. Most likely scenario would be another war on Pandora with another tribe like the Na'Vi but evil. There is all kinds of different rumors and speculations ranging from it being on one of the other moons, to RDA coming back in full force.
Avatar was not tht a good movie to be made a sequel of!

Yet it earned a lot Cameron might extend the franchise!

James Cameron Talks 'Avatar' Sequel Plans

"Aliens." "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." James Cameron knows how to make a sequel, revisiting fully created fictional worlds, taking what's already established and trying to outflank what came before. That's been the director's plan since embarking on his technology-revolutionizing quest to being "Avatar" to the big screen, and with the film's mammoth first weekend behind it, an alien love story sequel we almost certainly shall get.

In a pre-opening discussion with MTV News, Cameron spoke at length about his plans for his burgeoning sci-fi franchise and where the story will pick up following the first film's game-changer of an ending: Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) successfully and permanently transfers his consciousness to his big blue Na'vi avatar after falling in love with Princess Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

Cameron made clear that the next film won't be a prequel, recounting previous backstory, but will begin after the events of the initial movie. "We'll follow Jake and Neytiri," he confirmed.

In fact, Cameron intends to follow the couple for another two films. "I have a trilogy-scaled arc of story right now, but I haven't really put any serious work into writing a script," he said.

The next two films, however, won't necessitate the four years of production time that "Avatar" took to perfect its motion-capture technology and computer-generated environments and beings. "Part of what we set out to do is create a world and create these characters," Cameron said. "From the time we capture and finish the capture, it's literally nine to 10 months to get the CG characters working, to get their facial musculature working. ... So now we have Jake, we have Neytiri. Sam can step right back into it, the characters will fit them like a glove, and we'll just go on. So a lot of the start-up torque that had to be done for one movie really makes more sense if you play it out across several films."

So where will the challenge be for a director who so famously craves one, from the intensity of shooting underwater for months for 1989's "The Abyss" to the mega-budgeted, initially ridiculed "Titanic" in 1997?

"My next goal is to refine the technique, make it easier so it doesn't take as long," Cameron said. "We were doing a lot of pioneering work on 'Avatar.' It wouldn't have taken as long if we already knew exactly how to do it."

Source: MTV News

There would be a squel on Avatar according to Cameron but it most likely be off pandora

Cameron explained: "The planet in Pandora's sky is called Polyphemus and its a primary for a system of moons just like in our solar system. We have some story ideas about how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A (ACA) solar system."

lets see how these develops, maybe the humans will travel to other moons


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I don't mean to sound like a kill joy but I really don't think it's necessary to have a sequel; if Cameron follows up on his plans I hope it turns out well but I think it might be in danger of ruining how speical and ground breaking Avatar was in the first place.

Cameron Talks Avatar Trilogy With Entertainment Weekly

Avatar is huge business, not just for Hollywood but also the many theaters that are showing the movie and earning a lot of money from their box office takings and the amount of popcorn that is being shifted for the movie’s 2 1/2 hour running time.

They should breathe a sigh of relief that James Cameron is with Entertainment Weekly about talking doing two sequels to the film. EW also has a cover featuring a couple of the film’s blue lead characters. Check out what Cameron has to say – and the cover below.

Cameron seems to have had a sequel (or two) built into the business plan from day one, which isn’t surprising, considering the reported $300 million-plus budget of Avatar.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly Cameron said:

“I’ve had a storyline in mind from the start — there are even scenes in Avatar that I kept in because they lead to the sequel. It just makes sense to think of it as a two or three film arc, in terms of the business plan. The CG plants and trees and creatures and the musculo-skeletal rigging of the main characters — that all takes an enormous amount of time to create. It’d be a waste not to use it again.”

The magazine also has a witty quote from star Sam Worthington, who is signed up to star in another two Avatar films. Worthington apparently emailed the publication and said:

“Jake should have abused his avatar and be fat and unfit and demand Neyteri to get him a beer.”
Now, there’s a way of taking a billion-dollar franchise and making it “edgy”.

Avatar 2 really isn’t surprising. It’s a billion-dollar hit that will soon beat-out Titanic as the highest-grossing film ever (although Titanic didn’t really have sequel potential).

Source: Screenrant

Cameron talks Avatar 2 and Avatar DVD

While at the Critics Choice Awards MTV caught up with Avatar director James Cameron and they asked him a few questions people are interested in. Regarding it’s box office gross Cameron said “it’s just a matter of time” before Avatar overtakes Titanic, and he seems pretty confident about it. The film is expected to take another $50 million in the US this weekend, so it’s edging closer to the $1.8 billion mark (Avatar is currently at $1.4).

The conversation then switched to the Avatar DVD and Blu-ray. Zoe Saldana said a few weeks ago that stuff was cut from the ’sex scene’ as they wanted to keep a PG-13 rating. Cameron addressed that and also spoke about the extra footage that will be on the DVD/Blu-ray:

We took a good 10 seconds out of that scene. So people shouldn’t [get too worked up over it],” he grinned. “I think it’s one of those cases where the fantasy vastly exceeds the reality.”

Still, fans can look for that scene — and others — in an upcoming DVD that Cameron is compiling, but one that he stopped short of labeling with a phrase we hear all too often. “The ‘director’s cut’ is what we release,” Cameron said. “What we do is we do a special edition, where you could select a longer version of the film that has some scenes reinstated. But it’s really more of a fan version than a director’s version.

“[The fan version] will be 10 or 12 minutes longer,” he revealed. “Something like that.”
Finally, when asked about the sequel Cameron said he might step away from Pandora for a while and “there’s some possibility of doing another film in between. But we’ll certainly get busy talking about what the strategy is [for an 'Avatar' sequel], whether it makes sense to do it and laying any technical groundwork that needs to be done. These are big projects.”

Cameron recently optioned the rights to The Last Train From Hiroshima, a book about the events surrounding the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan during WWII, so that could be a possibility. There is also Battle Angel which has been in development for years. The film is based on the first three volumes of the manga series “Battle Angel Alita” and tells the story of a female cyborg who is rescued from a scrapheap by a scientist in the 26th century.

Source: Filmonic

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I agree Dr. Popcorn, as long as James Cameron will be the director, the sequel will be a big hit again.. He knows how to make the story very interesting until the end..

Avatar 2 won’t be called Avatar 2

A sequel to the highest grossing film of all time has yet to get an official green light from 20th Century Fox (although one is expected), but that hasn’t stopped Avatar director James Cameron dropping hints of what we can expect at all these award ceremonies he’s been attending recently.

Sci-Fi Wire questioned Cameron after he received the Visual Effects Society Lifetime Achievement Award and he joked (possibly) about what he might call the sequel, along with mentioning the film will show us more of the spiritual side of the Na’vi.

“Certainly I don’t want to call it Avatar 2,” Cameron said at the Visual Effects Society Awards ceremony in Century City, Calif., on Sunday, where he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. “He’s not an avatar anymore, is he? Maybe we’ll call it Na’vi.”

As for the story, a second Avatar film would emphasize the spiritual aspect of the Na’vi even further than the original, he said. Avatar was primarily an action/adventure with the spiritual nature of the Na’vi at its heart. Now that audiences have embraced the Na’vi culture, Cameron can give it more weight in the sequels.

“I think we can see that there’s a greater receptivity to it on the part of the audience than certainly the studio originally imagined,” Cameron said. “We pared back on it a fair bit in the first film, and I think we can go farther in that direction and not alienate people.”

Earlier, Cameron had said he hadn’t completed a deal yet to direct the sequel. But he made clear on Sunday that he wouldn’t let anyone else direct the follow-up.

“I wouldn’t do that for the second film,” Cameron said. “It’d be premature to turn it over to somebody else right now. I think I’d have to use a film to train somebody to be able to take the reins, honestly. That’s how I see it.”
Source: Filmonic

I think Cameron is sorely mistaken here; I don't think people were responding to the goofy earth-mother-church-rave thing in Avatar, I think they responded to the film in spite of that stuff. I don't think it's such a hot idea to ramp it up in the sequel.

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The rave scene was one of my favorite parts of the film - visually one of the more arresting scenes, to be sure. That was simply the best party space I have ever seen, and I totally want to drop some tracks there someday.


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100% - Happens every month at Psyforia, my old DJ Crew's monthly event.

Lil before and after shot of our Pandora.

Especially fun after a couple of vodkas at the bar inside.