Stunning Pictures of the World


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Ive just been serching the net looking for stunning pictures of the world and here are a few that ive found and think they are breathtaking...

Cape Town, S-Africa


Jamaica also

Canaidian Rockies

Rockies also

Can you find any or have you got some of where you live?
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Here are few I took of the beautiful part of the world I live in

Austimer baths

Little Austi (Dog Beach)

Storm over Wollongong

Austinmer Beach, I am lucky this beach is at the end of my street

Love your pictures gnu I have been to capetown many times it is a beautiful place I love this picture.
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Pensacola Beach, Florida.
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Here's a photo I took down at Cardiff Bay earlier this year, at about 6 in the morning. I was waiting for the sun to rise so I could get a photo of it, for uni work. I'm trying to find one of the good sunrise photo's I took (I shot around 400-500 images!), without posting the one I actually submitted to uni, as I could get in trouble.
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Tottally true man any stunning picture of the world is welcome in this thread, animal - building just showing off the best photo you can find lol