Your favourite movie information source?


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What 'url' do you usually use to get information about movies? Do you use Allmovie Guide, IMDB, or do you read reviews by Roger Ebert or something else? If something else please write down the url so we all can have a peak.

Me personally use Allmovie. The information about the films is great, the design of the webpage beats imdb and you can get tips on other movies by the same personel or similiar movies. All in all a great site altho the reviews are imo somewhat off on some movies.

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i Go on IMDB at least 3 times a day. i like the discission, Info and goofs and trivia!
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Plus a lady fan of PimpDaShizzle V2.0 and Most importantly JRS has all the news about upcoming movies, so I go there for that.
But IMDB is still my main information source.

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Rotten Tomatoes for links to tons and tons of reviews.

IMDb for general information.

Box Office Mojo for box office grosses, and other monetary info.
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Kong's picks are wise indeed. They're also mine.
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I use quite a bit. Tim Dirks created the site, and in addition to a lot of Top 100 lists (including AFI's), he gives a complete synopsis (down to the last detail) of a lot of classic films. When I'm writing my comments and reviews for our films at Movie Reviews 4 Fun, I use his site to recall the minor details of a scene or a quote.
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I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would use IMDB over Allmovie..

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Originally posted by Garduk
I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would use IMDB over Allmovie..
IMDb has more information, and Kong likes the layout a lot better.