Venom the Villian for Spidey 3 ?


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I can only hope! It would make sense, since Raimi only wants to do 3 movies to end with one of the most famous and loved villains. Also, IGN had and article from an interview with Raimi discussing Boogeyman(sp?) where Spidy 3 cameup. He seemed to know alot about the Venom story, and kept brining up the different origins and how it could be done.

So, could it be, or are they just trying to build up our hopes just to knock them back down, only time will tell.
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Just been reading the topic on AICN and they say Raimi ain't a fan of Venom but the Sandman is a strong rumour. I can see this happening to be honest. There's no use having Venom in it while Harry becomes the new Green Goblin because the balance is all wrong.

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Yah, I read that too. I hope they don't do that because it's too much of a retred of the grounds of the first one. Sandman I'm fine with, no new goblins of any variety please.

If you do click the joblo link jrs posted it is concluded with:
A few readers have written in to point su towards a report in a local New York newspaper that says, in a profile of SPIDER-MAN 3 f/x artist Tim Phoenix, Venom and Man-Wolf will be the villains in the film.
And it certainly seems possible, the stories are intertwined and they've been set up some amount in 2.

The thing was, in 2 they set up so many possibilities just to cover their bases. They introduced his professor, which is the lizard guy, then Harry at the end and Mary Jane's husband just returning from space (and making that jump none of the other cops did when going to rescue her...).

I was convinced it was Venom then I did read the AICN scoop and talkback about it, now I'm not so sure. Venom would be the choice in my book, but as long as it isn't a retred of the first I'm fine.

The problem with Venom is establishing his back story. It would take way too long and not leave enough time to explore the Harry-Green Goblin II character. Raimi should just use a cool secondary villain (there are plenty in the Spidey-verse) that won't take forever to explain. Like these guys:

As for Manwolf, meh, never really been a fan. And I don't like the actor playing Mary Jane's boyfriend anyway. The Lizard would be cool, though.

venom was always my favorite villian i hope he is in it. and i dont know if they are going to do the Harry/Green goblin 2 thing because at the end after harry discovers his fathers secret you see him at MJs wedding so to me it looked like he didnt go insane he just knows the truth now.
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Yeah I think THOMAS HADEN CHURCH would be great Venom... I also want this movie to be heroic, very HEROIC and EMOTIONAL....
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"Venom the Villain for Spidey 3", ahh that would be great wouldn't it. Fantastic even!.....I loved the venom character and hope he's in it.

Why are lots of people skeptical of anything that might be a real fan-pleaser, my advice is to sit back and see what happens.

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