Metal Gear Solid


If it were to be made,who should play who?So far i'm thinkin...
Solid Snake-Hugh Jackman/Eric Bana
Liquid Snake-Sean Bean
Master Miller-Sean Bean
Colonel Campbell-Clint Eastwood
Meryl-Jessica Alba
Sniper Wolf-Daryl Hannah/Famke Janssen
Ocelot-David Carradine
Otacon-Michael Shanks
Vulcan Raven-Michael Clark Duncan/The Rock?
Anderson-Delroy Lindo/Danny Glover
Baker-Anthony Hopkins
Psycho Mantis-Patrick Stewart?Marilyn Manson?
Naomi-Nicole Kidman
Mei Ling-Zhang Zee-Yi
Grey Fox-Ray Park

Is this a movie that is actually being made?
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Not another game-to-movie disaster!

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Word has it that it is in the works.

Haha, I really like Marilyn Manson as Psycho Mantis
I'd have to go with Michael Wincott for Solid Snake. He played the cousin of the Sheriff in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and the captain of the ship in Alien: Resurection. He has the voice and look for the part and is a very under-rated actor:
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That is certainly an ambitious cast list but I can see where you're coming from on all the parts. I think Hugh Jackman would make an excellent Solid Snake. Anthony Hopkins in a game-to-movie creation though? Unlikely. I think Marilyn Manson would be ridiculous. Surely a film has to be close to pre-production? Wasn't it the biggest selling game ever until recently?
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the metal gear solid games themselves are like movies anyway. they all focus on the story line alot more than most games and when i play them i feel like im watching a movie sometimes. so i think there is no need for a movie based on it
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The best game that I've ever played which focuses more on story than anything else was Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. I just finished it yestarday and loved eveyr single minute of it.

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I read an interview with the man who made all of the MGS games and he said that while the rights had not been picked up at the time, he had finnnaly alowed them to go up for purchase. He also said that he would liek to be involved if only slightly and that the movie would mrely be in the same universe as the games but not be connected at all. This goes along with what was stated earlier on this forum, that the games play more like long movies then anything and making a movie of any of the Solid games would be kind of pointless. Besides, they'll probably just muck it up anyways and i don't want to see a bad interpretation(sp?) of one of my fave character's.
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The Metal Gear games aree particularly rich in narrative, there's plenty of ideas for a movie. Would a remake of a game be better, or a seperate unique movie?

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here's a lot of info on the Metal Gear Solid movie set to come out in 2009.

I for one would love to see my favorite game of all time come to the big screen, it already has tons of cinematic cut scenes that i think could translate really well to the silver screen. (if done right)
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Thanks chet, I was reading all that stuff a couple of months ago, It still seems like this project is in limbo. I do like the idea of Viggo for snake... I really hope Kojima doesn't do this flick until he's able to get it to look a lot like the games.
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Solid Snake-Bruce Willis

Might sound a little strange at first, but go back and rewatch Sin City.Although he may be a little too old . . .Would it have to be a white actor or does it matter? Would fanboys go crazy if lets say Denzel Washington played him?
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Solid Snake-Bruce Willis

Might sound a little strange at first, but go back and rewatch Sin City.Although he may be a little too old . . .Would it have to be a white actor or does it matter? Would fanboys go crazy if lets say Denzel Washington played him?
As a fanboy of the game, yeah that would be a little crazy. Fans of the book I am Legend were upset that they made Robert a black man. I love Denzel, but not as Snake. Perhaps as Donald Anderson, but that'd be a pretty short role for a powerhouse actor.

As for Snake I could see Bale playing him as well as Hugh Jackmen.

and as the OP said mos def Sean Bean as Liquid and Miller

My brother totally said Christian Bale 19 mins ago!Clive Owen could try it as fallback boy, but he wouldn't be my pick.

Alexis Denisof!

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Clive Owen is too British to be Snake in any case.

Bale would be a better choice than Viggo, anyway. I find it a stretch to picture Viggo as Snake.
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Iro's Top 100 Movies v3.0 even better Snake, why not the man himself? Kurt Russell

Why Kurt Russell? I bet for hugh jackman...