Favourite Simpsons Episodes


I also ranked the Treehouse of Horror segments from the first nine. There are a few segments i really like after the first nine like I Know What You Diddilly-did, The Island of Dr. Hibbert, It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse, etc. I don't think there is a single THOH after the first 9 that i like 2 of the 3 segments though.

01.The Devil and Homer Simpson (4)
02.Time and Punishment (5)
03.Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace (6)
04.Bart Simpsons Dracula (4)
05.The Shinning (5)
06.The Raven (1)
07.Citizen Kang (7)
08.Homer3 (6)
09.Bad Dream House (1)
10.Terror At 5 1/2 Feet (4)
11.Hell Toupee (9)
12.The Thing and I (7)
13.The Bart Zone (2)
14.Nightmare Cafeteria (5)
15.Hungry Are The Damned (1)
16.Dial Z For Zombies (3)
17.The Genisis Tub (7)
18.King Homer (3)
19.Clown Without Pity (3)
20.Fly vs Fly (8)
21.The Monkeys Paw (2)
22.Atttack of the 7FT Eyesores (6)
23.The Terror of Tiny Toon (9)
24.The Homega Man (8)
25.Starship Poopers (9)
26.If I Only Had A Brain (2)
27.Easy Bake Coven (8)

All of these are great. There are a few great segments like the three i mentioned in the THOH's later but IMO there isn't a THOH with three or even two great segments from Treehouse of Horror X on.

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Oh man, this thread is amazing. This is my favourite TV show of all time, and we're roughly the same age so I think of it as family in a weird way, it's always been there since I was a kid, my parents used to watch it and so yeah.

I'm gonna list a few favourites, but I just wanted to say I saw you two (CiCi and Camo) talking about Summer of 4'2. That's one of my favourite episodes, so many classic bits like Bart trying to impress Lisa's friends by being super skateboarder in front of the library by the fountain, and they one dude is all "That kid like... tries too hard". And when they're all sitting in the living room in Ned's beach house (where the Simpsons are staying) and the one kids like "My mom would have butted in with rice krispie squares and tang, and Marge hears this upon entering the living room with the tray of tang and rice krispie squares, and turns on her heel back out of the room. And my personal favourite is Homers exchange with the convenience store guy about fireworks

Homer: "Lemme get a box of condoms, some of those Panty shields and one.. no two disposable enemas aaaand some illegal fireworks"

Clerk: *as a customer is about to leave* "Sorry sir I'm afraid we don't carry any..."*customer walks out door* "Follow meee"

Anyway, I'm going to list a few episodes grouped by season but in no particular order, because that's much too hard. I'm gonna list up to season 4 or so for now, more later.

Moaning Lisa (1) RIP Bleeding Gums Murphy
Bart the General (1) "The Greeks knew it, the Carthaginians knew it, and now you know it"
Simpson and Delilah (2) "Mr. Simpson, did you bring an umbrella?"
O Brother, Where Art Thou (2) Say what you want, but I love Uncy Herb!
Three Men and a Comic Book (2) I just find this episode to be well written and I enjoy the story.
Bart the Murderer(3) "Gimme 3 fingers of milk 'ma"
Homer At Bat (3) "Well Mr. Burns had done it, the power plant had won it, with Roger Clemons clucking all the while"
Colonel Homer(3) "I SAID NO ONE UNDERSTANDS YOU BUT I DOOOOOOOOOO", but she couldn't "Bag a Homer"
Kamp Krusty (4) "Hail to thee Kamp Krusty, on the shores of great snake lake though your swings are rusty, we know they'll never break"
A Streetcar Named Marge(4) Just another very well written episode, and the end where Homer is all sad is classic Homer
Marge VS the Monorail (4) "Is there a chance the track could bend? Not on your life my Hindu friend" RIP Phil Hartman
Last Exit to Springfield (4) "So we'll march day and night by the big cooling tower, they have the plant but we have the power"
"Kiri Kiri Kiri"

Homers firework scene is brilliant, i love how he decides to ask for the most unsavoury items to cover up him buying fireworks .

So love that you love Moaning Lisa, it is my second favourite from the first season and made my top 50 but i've noticed a lot of people think it is one of the weaker episodes. The Bart and Homer videogame subplot is hilarious and Lisa's plot is just heart wrenching. Always thought the Simpsons writers got it right with Bleeding Gums Murphy dying in his second proper appearance but they obviously decided to bring him back as a hologram in a recent episode .

Simpson and Delilah is a masterpiece . The most underrated or at least under mentioned episode of the show IMO.

Marge Vs The Monorail is the second best episode IMO, the monorail song is the best in the shows history for me at least; love the quote you chose the delivery and timing is impeccable there.

The other ones you mentioned are all great, all from the time the show was amazing.

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No good sir I'm on the level.

Thank you sir, when I was younger between 13-17 they literally showed the Simpsons between 3 to 5 times a day on the channels I had, and so usually I'd watch like 30-40 episodes a week. I know that might seem a bit excessive, but meh.

meh. When i was a kid i ended up taping a good 30 episodes and i watched them constantly, before i ended up buying the first 10 Seasons or the good ones as they should be known. I still have a video of the first 8 Treehouse of Horrors somewhere haha.

Just re-posting this in case someone didn't see it in the HOF Organization Thread and they are interested:

This is a really random idea and i don't even know if there'd be enough interest, but would anyone here be interested in a Simpsons HOF? I'm talking after all the other HOF's in line are done because if it did end up happening it isn't the same as the Looney Tunes one with 6-8 minute cartoons but three times that basically which would take a decent amount more time and would risk taking away participants for the other ones. I remember someone bringing up the idea of a TV Show HOF but most agreed that it wouldn't work out since not everyone watches the same shows or much TV at all here, and that there'd be more dropouts than usual since the suggestion was that people would have to watch a Season of a show which is obviously a much bigger commitment to something you aren't enjoying than a movie.

The Simpsons is not a show that you need to have watched in order or anything, it does have some sort of loose, contradictory, canon but overall it is just 20 minute episodes that you can start anywhere from, i suppose knowing the characters would improve your enjoyment but i assume most joining would already have seen the show and it doesn't take long to familiarize yourself with the characters, well as long as you've seen some within the first eight Seasons when the characterizations were consistent. If you haven't seen any and have wanted to try the show or whatever then there'd be no problem, most fans haven't been watching since episode 1, it aired before i was born (1989). The first episode is a really nice one that gives you the origin of a Simpson family member that pops out with an episode every four or five seasons: their dog Santas Little Helper, but it is not crucial in anyway to the series. The only episodes i can think of that would be a problem are Who Shot Mr Burns Part 2 if someone didn't nominate Part 1, and the Mona Simpson episodes after Mother Simpson but why would anyone nominate them? They are awful . Anyway again this wouldn't be for a while i was just wondering if there'd be any interest in something a bit different.

For the record the reason it was The Simpsons i suggested instead of South Park which i'm sure most here know i prefer was because i caught the episode Principle Charming from Season 2 today and one very minor joke made me want to watch the first 9-10 seasons again. The joke:

*Homer is sitting in the corner of Moe's Bar with a beer looking depressed*

Moe: Hey Homer stop looking so glum you are making happy hour seem bitterly ironic.

Really small jokes in the first 7 or 8 seasons in particular are what makes the show so great.

Also we may even be able to get Mark F to join a HOF!! Don't want to shoot for the stars just yet but Yoda is also a fan!!

The Simpsons 10 Most Memorable Episodes from Seasons 21 to 26

1. S23E09 Holidays of Future Passed
Tender look into Springfield future.

2. S23E06 The Book Job
Book publishing process done as heist crime picture ala "Ocean's" trilogy. Homer to Bart: "A million bucks has changed stupider minds than yours."

3. S25E16 You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee
Homer becomes football world cup referee.

4. S21E07 Rednecks and Broomsticks
After car accident Homer becomes moonshine connoisseur and Lisa encounters 3 wiccans. Cletus: "You have the eloquence and sense of urgency of a census worker caught in a bear trap."

5. S21E01 Homer the Whopper
Superhero movie industry parody. Homer: [as Everyman] "Don't thank me! Thank Captain America for giving me the patriotism to want to save the President's life. And thank Wonder Woman for giving me the boobs to distract the guards."

6. S22E09 Donnie Fatso
Homer becomes a snitch: "Poor Tony. He didn't deserve this. He was just a solider in a war he started. "

7. S21E23 Judge Me Tender
Moe uses his cynicism to become a popular critic with the audiences.

8. S22E17 Love is a Many Strangled Thing
Homer learns in anger management class how Bart feels when he is being strangled: "Dr. Zander, you've made me see my life through Bart's neck."

9. S24E13 Hardly Kirk-ing
I liked Milhouse being his father: "Uh, hey, bartender. We'd like two milks, and then you can tell us where babies come from."

10. S25E17 Luca$
I liked Lisa's interaction with Lucas. Lisa on Lucas: "He's just Ralph with a dream, the dream of not Ralphing".

Do you like all of them or do you just think they are the most memorable? I like The Book Job and Hardly Kirk-ing. I'd also add Brick Like Me and Halloween of Horror. Think that's it for me though.

Do you like all of them or do you just think they are the most memorable? I like The Book Job and Hardly Kirk-ing. I'd also add Brick Like Me and Halloween of Horror. Think that's it for me though.
I remember these episodes because I liked them. The reason I didn't state these were my favorites is because there might be other episodes I would like more but I just don't remember them as well.

Ten favorites from each season (no order)

1 simpsons roasting on an open fire
2 bart the genius
3 homer's odyssey
4 there's no disgrace like home
5 bart the general
6 moaning lisa
7 the telltale head
8 life on the fast lane
9 the crepes of wrath
10 krusty gets busted

1 treehouse of horror
2 two cars in every garage and three eyes on every fish
3 itchy & scratchy & marge
4 bart gets hit by a car
5 one fish, two fish, blowfish, blue fish
6 blood feud
7 homer vs. lisa and the 8th commandment
8 oh brother, where art thou?
9 lisa's substitute
10 the war of the simpsons

1 stark raving dad
2 mr. lisa goes to washington
3 bart the murderer
4 homer defined
5 like father, like clown
6 flaming moe's
7 colonel homer
8 homer at the bat
9 black widower
10 dog of death

1 homer the heretic
2 treehouse of horror III
3 Itchy & scratchy: the movie
4 New Kid on the Block
5 Mr. Plow
6 Lisa's First Word
7 Homer's Triple Bypass
8 Marge vs. the Monorail
9 I Love Lisa
10 Last Exit to Springfield

1 homer's barbershop quartet
2 cape feare
3 homer goes to college
4 rosebud
5 the last temptation of homer
6 homer the vigilante
7 bart gets famous
8 homer loves flanders
9 sweet seymour skinner's baadasssss song
10 the boy who knew too much

1 bart of darkness
2 lisa's rival
3 sideshow bob roberts
4 grampa vs. sexual inadequacy
5 homer the great
6 homie the clown
7 a star is burns
8 lisa's wedding
9 'round springfield
10 the springfield connection

and a few more seasons just for kicks;

1 bart of darkness
2 lisa's rival
3 sideshow bob roberts
4 grampa vs. sexual inadequacy
5 homer the great
6 homie the clown
7 a star is burns
8 lisa's wedding
9 'round springfield
10 the springfield connection

1 who shot mr. burns? II
2 radioactive man
3 treehouse of horror VI
4 king size homer
5 mother simpson
6 lisa the iconoclast
7 a fish called selma
8 22 short films about springfield
9 much apu about nothing
10 raging abe simpson and his grumbling grandson in "the curse of the flying hellfish"

1 treehouse of horror VII
2 you only move twice
3 the homer they fall
4 burns, baby burns
5 hurricane neddy
6 el viaje misterioso de nuestro jomer
7 homer's phobia
8 homer vs. the 18th amendment
9 the old man and the lisa
10 homer's enemy

1 the city of new york vs. homer simpson
2 the principal and the pauper
3 lisa's sax
4 treehouse of horror VIII
5 the cartridge family
6 lisa the skeptic
8 the joy of sect
11 dumbell indemnity
12 lisa the simpson
13 simpson tide

1 the wizard of evergreen terrace
2 treehouse of horror IX
3 d'oh-in' in the wind
4 lisa gets and 'A'
5 viva ned flanders
6 homer to the max
7 mom and pop art
8 monty can't buy me love
9 they saved lisa's brain
10 thirty minutes over tokyo

1 beyond blunderdome
2 brother's little helper
3 e-i-e-i-(annoyed grunt)
4 take my wife, sleaze
5 alone again, natura-diddly
6 missionary: impossible
7 pygmoelian
8 days of wine and d'oh'ses
9 kill the alligator and run
10 behind the laughter

Oh boy, everything from season 1 to 4, maybe 5, it's pure gold.

Some favorites, off the top of my head, in no order...

Separate Vocations
Radio Bart
Bart the Lover
Three Men and a Comic Book
The Call of the Simpsons
Bart Gets an F
A Streetcar Named Marge
Flaming Moe's
Homer at the Bat
Lisa's Substitute
Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
Bart the Murderer
Black Widower
Cape Feare
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The one that still comes to mind for me is with "Brad Goodman" (voiced by Albert Brooks) - don't remember the title.
Just so much spoofery of the whole self-help / self-development field.
Plus, I always remember Troy McClure's self-help videos: Smoke Yourself Thin and Get Confident, Stupid!

Whew, glad you had The Cartridge Family on there, or we'd have to have words. Should be higher though.
It's a good one, i just picked ten episodes for each season. I may do a top 100 when I finish. I'm trying to make it to the movie.

1 homer vs. dignity
2 the computer wore menace shoes
3 the great money caper
4 skinner's sense of snow
5 homr
6 pokey mom
7 worst episode ever
8 day of the jakanapes
9 hungry hungry homer
10 trilogy of error

1 the blunder years
2 she of little faith
3 sweets and sour marge
4 jaws wired shut
5 half-decent proposal
6 weekend at burnsie's
7 i am furious (yellow)
8 little girl in the big ten
9 the frying game
10 poppa's got a brand new badge

1 how i spent my strummer vacation
2 the great louse detective
3 the strong arms of the ma
4 pray anything
5 i'm spelling as fast as i can
6 mr. spritz goes to washington
7 'scuse me while i miss the sky
8 old yeller-belly
9 brake my wife, please
10 moe baby blues

1 treehouse of horror XIV
2 my mother the carjacker
3 the fat and the furriest
4 today i am a clown
5 tis the fifteenth season
6 marge vs. singles, seniors, childless couples, teens and gays
7 milhouse doesn't live here anymore
8 smart & smarter
9 bart-mangled banner
10 fraudcast news

1 treehouse of horror XV
2 sleeping with the enemy
3 she used to be my girl
4 midnight rx
5 there's something about marrying
6 the seven-beer snitch
7 future-drama
8 don't fear the roofer
9 the heartbroke kid
10 thank god it's doomsday

1 treehouse of horror XVI
2 see homer run
3 my fair laddy
4 the seemingly never-ending story
5 bart has two mommies
6 million dollar abie
7 kiss kiss, bang bangalore
8 girls just want to have sums
9 regarding margie
10 the monkey suit

1 please homer, don't hammer 'em
2 g.i. (annoyed grunt)
3 ice cream of margie (with the light blue hair)
4 the haw-hawed couple
5 kill gil, vol. 1 & 2
6 the wife aquatic
7 springfield up
8 crook and ladder
9 24 minutes
10 you kent always say what you want