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A movie similar to "Fist Fight" from the last 1-3 years.


Super random, but trying to remember a movie I saw in the last two years (give or take).

It's something like Fist Fight (2017) where there's a dad who is a giant wimp and ends up needing to 'man up' by the end. A comedy, of course.

The one scene I remember (I think it was at the very beginning which is why I remember it) is that he was at a school with his wife and daughter and there was an ongoing joke where his daughter was more or less competing with another girl about acting grown up and then both sang some song on the school stage.

I'm trying to remember who the main actor is, but I just watched Fist Fight (thinking it was the movie) - great movie as well, but now Charlie Day is stuck in my head and I'm drawing a giant blank on the other movie. Very similar plotlines but I think it was a funny movie if I recall. Totally forgot about it for years until someone referenced Fist Fight - took me most of the way through it to remember that there was another movie that was very similar! So now it's just bugging me, lol.

don't know about the girl competing, but one movie with a dad that's a giant wimp at first is 'Joe somebody'. he does have a kid daughter though.

shoot, looked at your title and just saw the past few years, joe somebody is a lot older, sorry.