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Now Logan is suddenly concerned about Roman's safety. It's exasperating that all Logan is thinking about at the beginning of the second season finale is covering his own ass. "Welcome to our city on the's like Venice, but it smells nice." Can't believe we didn't get to see Greg's questioning by congress. Why would they just skip over that? I'm hoping we get a real good reason down the pike. Have the bad reviews for Willa's play triggered the beginning of the end of her relationship with Connor? Surprising how Roman underplayed his return...was sure he would make a spectacle about the danger he was in. It was sad that Kendall seems to have given up. I think I just figured out what Logan means by taking the company private. I'm a little slow on the take sometimes, but if I'm correct, what he wants to do seems virtually impossible. It was refreshing to see Logan taking Roman seriously for a change and I'm trusting Logan's banker less and less. I couldn't tell if he quit or not. That scene between Connor and Logan was excellent. Not much fun watching Logan tighten his grip on Kendall's balls. It was obvious that Tom was not feeling this threesome but sweet that he was willing to go along for Shiv, though I'm not 100% sure what her motives were either. Loved Connor ordering an entire bottle of burgundy for breakfast. I hated Kendall referring to the family as "loyal servants." Loved watching the family turn on Tom and he kind of deserves to be the "blood sacrifice" as Logan so eloquently phrased it. "There's no need to say elephant in the room, there are fifteen other elephants in the room." The meeting with Stewie was that he is not intimidate by Logan, like most of the rest of the cast of characters. I have never heard the phrase "I love you" spoken with less sincerity than when Shiv uses it about her husband. I can't believe she had the nerve to be shocked when he said he wasn't happy. Tom, Logan and the chicken...what was that about? Why is Shiv able to show her love for Tom to her father but not to Tom? Sara Snook was wonderful in that brief scene with Brain Cox. Took me most of this episode to realize that Marcia left Logan. I think we all knew who was going to be the blood sacrifice all along, so why make us sweat the way they did? Logan literally stabbed Kendall in the heart when he told he wasn't a killer. And the final screw you to Roman from Logan seemed like an appropriate way to end season two.

The family is still on the move and apparently Kendall has not given up yet as season 3 commenced. Don't know where this resurgence came from, but loving the return of season 1 Kendall. That was awesome when Kendall threw Carolina out of the car. Loved when Kendall was giving Greg instructions and Greg didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Must have missed something in the season 2 finale because I'm not getting the gulf between Logan and Kendall. "This is like OJ...except if OJ didn't kill anyone." Is this family actually trying to escape federal charges by fleeing the country? That meeting between Kendall and his ex-wife was brilliantly civil and icy. "Frank, you're not're mashed potatoes." Why is Ewing taking what Logan is doing out on Greg's mother? Solid work by Kieran Culkin during that phone call between Logan and Roman. Nice guest shot from Sanaa Lathan as the high-powered attorney Lisa. "So I'm not giving you enough money for gender appropriate razors now?" Can't believe Kendall brought Naomi to Ravi's house. I'm thinking more and more that this hayseed thing that Greg is perpetrating is an act. I still think when this show is over, Greg is going to be running Waystar/Royco..

Ep 2 offered offered the first real look at the Roy siblings that we've really seen, Really starting to hate Tom, and I'd really like to see him thrown under the bus instead of Greg. Greg hasn't figured out yet that he's going to have to choose between his grandfather and the rest of the Roys. That lawyer who showed up at Greg's house was shady as hell. It was fun watching Logan kiss Connor's ass. Logan asking Roman to keep an eye on Gerri was like asking the mouse to watch the cheese factory. The return of Marcia...brrrr...nice to see that Marcia actually has a price and legal representation to make sure she got it. LOved Peter Reigert as Ewing's lawyer. They want us to think Gerri is the man now, bit is she really?

The third episode of the third season is finding the return of first season Kendall. I don't know what this game is that Greg is playing between Logan and Kendall, but it seems very dangerous. Don't really understand Roman's half-hearted efforts to stay in father' good graces when he seems to hate him so much. How does Shiv continue to believe anything that comes out of her father's mouth? It was nice ti see shiv fire her first real shot against Kendali in this war. Logan trying to hide from the FBI- maybe the funniest thing I've seen on this show thus far. Kendall watching the FBI entrance was priceless.

Greg looked like he was going to evaporate into a puddle of water at the beginning of ep 4. Loved Frank and Carl trying to talk to Kendall and Frank continually motioning Carl to shut up. Don't really understand how the President can get Logan out of this. "What I can't masturbate at the time and place of my choosing?" That scene between Logan and Greg was glorious. "Do you know they're calling me Terminal Tom down on 7 because I've go cancer of the career?" I'm giving Shiv and Tom's marriage about three months. Why is Connor all of a sudden interested in the company? I thought he wanted to be the POTUS. That scene between Shiv and Connor was nasty. Oscar winner Adrien Brody was properly smooth as Josh. Brody perfectly conveyed Josh's awkwardness about being a buffer between Logan and Kendall. That silence between Logan and Kendall after Josh left was deafening. That meeting that Roman and Hugo had with the guy with the marking on his head was weird...really couldn't tell if that guy knew why he was there. "You know the Beatles put out some of their best sh*t when they were suing each other." Matthew MacFayden was chilling in that scene where he was trying to intimidate Greg. Josh is playing Logan and Kendall like a fiddle. Tom's terror about going to jail is cracking me up and I don't feel the least bit sorry for him. "I don't like betting on blood feuds." As brilliant as those scenes with Josh, Kendall, and Logan were, I really didn't see what was accomplished. Every scene that Roman and Geri share is getting to be appointment television. "You tried to assassinate our dad with the sun." Once he saw the real Logan, Josh didn't waste anytime climbing into a different pocket.

Questions of where some allegences really are coming to light as the Shareholders Meeting opens up ep 5. "Tomorrow we're all going to look for jobs in the same branch of Target." Wonder exactly what Connor is up to. First ep where I've seen Stewie sweat. When did Sandy become incapacitated? Looks like Greg might have backed the wrong horse. Though he would never let Greg see it, Greg's actions have clearly broken his grandfather's heart. Despite Sandy's condition, the Roys better not count their chickens. Love the way Logan runs and hides every time he is really needed. Loved when he said "F*ck 'em" and no one knew exactly what he meant. I have to wonder if Sandy Jr might be faking his incapitation because as things progressed, Sandy Jr (beautifully played by Hope Davis) seemed to acting on her own. Logan and Tom in the bathroom...hilarious. That backstage panic at the meeting was brilliantly directed...great camerawork. Felt so bad about Frank tapdancing onstage. Cannot believe Greg is thinking about suing his grandfather. for cutting him off. Nothing good can come of that. Love that Connor wants to say no to the president. Did you see Sandy Jr's eyes light up when Shiv offered her a seat on the board? She's going to end up screwing her father somehow. Loved Roman's phone consversation with the president. What Kendall did on that stage took some real cajones. Greg kills me...he's going to sue Greenpeace. The relationship between Logan and Kendall might be the most complex father/son relationship I have ever seen on a television series.

The opening of ep 6 revealed that Kendall might not be taking what's going on as seriously as he should. Greg is still playing a very dangerius game waffling between Kendall and the rest of the Roys. Really don't understand Shiv's loyalty to Logan...he treats her differently every episoe. "Dpn't worry Greg, this is a safe space where you don't have to pretend to like Hamilton". I was wondering why Caroline would get married without informing her children, but as I typed this, I think I did figure out why. Tom's horror about going to prison is getting old and I still don't feel sorry for him. "With you on contraception, it's like throwing so much cake batter into a brick wall." Was Connor actually pimping out Willow to further his political ambitions? Greg really needs to stop trusting Tom. Can't believe Kendall fired Sanaa Latham. Justin Kirk was hysterical in this episode, hope we get to see more of him. Jeremy Strong and Matthew MacFayden played that scene in the restaurant, though I don't get how Kendall can keep Tom out of jail. Greg killed me talking about Connor being president. I'm beginning to think Logan is made of teflon.

Ep 7 actually opened with Jeremy Strong singing, which I didn't see coming at all. Not bad. It was a nice little acting showcase for Matthew MacFayden, but why did Tom have to destroy Gerg's office? "Where is he? Getting his nose done? ******* whitened?" Loved the dress that Shiv wore to Kendall's party. I can't believe Kedall had all those tabloid headlines blown up to poster size for party decorations. That wasa really messed up. Love those screens of fire...very creepy. Logan's "offer" to Kendall really got to Kendall, even if he's in deep denial about it. "May we please step inside your mental disorder?" Big props for the imegainatin Kendall put into his own birthday party. Don't know why Shiv hasn't walked away from this family decades ago. Kendall's encounter with Ravi was beautifully awkward. Loved when Kendall was looking for the present from his kids. Actually, Jeremy Strong has knocked it out of the park this entire ep. He should have won an Emmy for this ep alone. Rome put Shiv in her place. Rome seems the only person who seems to be abe to get to Shiv.

The return of Hope Davis as Sandy Jr was a strong start to ep 8. Kendall's relationship with his mother seems to be just as toxic as the one with his father. More Geri and Roman please...and could we please get some clarificstion regarding the fluidity of Roman's sexuality? No one has told Connor yet that he can't be POTUS with a prostitute girlfriend. Tom and Shiv were so mean to Greg, that was so uncalled for. That private meeting between Kendall and Logan was beautifully written and performed. Kendall actually seemed to be attempting what he thought was sincerity but Logan was having none of it. Do the Roys realize how seriously broken this Madsen guy is? Why do they want to be in business with this guy? "Firing people is about 85% of the reason I get up in the morning." I was surprised that Shiv knew as much about Roman as she did. That final shot of Kendall was a heartbreaker...very Marilyn Monroe.

The opening of the third season finale with Logan reading to his grandson was so sweet. I've never found Logan so likable, but he bounced back to the Logan we know and love pretty quickly. The sibs playing Monopoly had a delicious irony to it. That shot of the helicopter cruising over the Greek Islands was breathtaking. Does Logan think Roman is gay? The siblings intervention scene with Kendall was brilliantly performed. I can't believe what Connor said to Kendall. Alan Ruck was particularly awesome in that scene. I like that Connor is finally showing interest in the family business. The wedding venue was one of the mist beautiful churches I have ever seen. "Get in there, Greg. If Roman marries her, he'll invade France." HATED Caroline's so-called wedding attire...what was she thinking? Lost it when shiv wished that her mother's marriage would be as happy and fulfilling as hers is. Can't believe Greg called Roman a sexual pervert...Greg's really out of his league here. I don't know what's going on with Kendall, but it's scaring me. I don't think anyone in the family should be trusting Madsen, getting a bad vibe from him. Can't believe Kendall confessed to Shiv and Roman...Jeremy Strong should have won an Emmy for this scene alone. Loved the way Shiv and Roman supported their brother, which I didn't see coming. That scene with Kendall, Shiv, and Roman was AMAZING. I was sort of shocked by Kendall, Shiv, and Rome's plan, but not really. Is Greg getting ready to marry royalty? Can't believe Greg is considering getting in bed with Tom again? He hasn't figured out that he can't trust Tom? Loved that last could tell it ws killing Roman to go against his father. Caroline was quite the knife in the back...can't believe she would do that to her own children, Logan, yeah, but their mother? I'm hoping that everything Logan has done will bring the siblings closer together in season 4. Helluva three season ride, really enjoyed it.