MoFo Fantasy Football 2019 - The Regular Season


Well, that was stressful.
Indeed, the 2.72 point margin was the 61st closest in league history. Which may not sound like much, but in 11+ years that's up there.

Indeed, the 2.72 point margin was the 61st closest in league history. Which may not sound like much, but in 11+ years that's up there.
I'm sure I've said it before, but I love that you keep such a deep record of this stuff. It adds a sense of prestige and professionalism to the league.

Well, that was stressful. I expected much more from the Denver defense now that they have Vic Fangio, especially against a drama-filled Oakland Raiders team without many playmakers. I just knew Royce Freeman was about to score a goal-line TD near the end, but thankfully Flacco tried a QB sneak himself and then threw a pass to Sanders. Otherwise I would've lost, despite the monstrous performance from Hopkins earlier in the night.

Wasn't so lucky in my other league, where I also had the Denver D but was going up against Josh Jacobs. Lost by 4 points, despite being the third highest-scoring team this week.

For an auto-drafted team, you've got a pretty nice squad, @MovieBuffering.
Yea I got pretty lucky. I hate Baker though. Anyone from Cleveland area want to trade? . I'd like another QB but this 14 team league makes it hard to find another decent one, guess I'll just hope Baker comes around, got Odell in another league so he better.
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Here is a stream of consciousness on my week one and draft results.

Conventional fantasy football wisdom tells you that quarterbacks are a dime a dozen, but man alive, QBs in this league mean so much more than regular leagues. With it being a big league and touchdown passes counting for six points, being saddled with a mediocre QB can feel crippling. My drafting strategy with my first pick was taking one of four running backs, but if those guys were taken, I was going to grab Mahomes with the sixth overall pick. But Le'Veon was available so I grabbed him. I drafted Jimmy G late in the draft thinking he'd probably be serviceable, but after watching him struggle mightily against a Bucs defense that loved giving up passing yards last year, I'm starting to feel like I should have pulled the trigger on a QB earlier. Especially considering how some of my other picks looked in week one. Adam Thielen performed well considering Kirk Cousins only threw the ball ten times.... but that means I may have trouble with Thielen's numbers this year based on the Vikings deciding they want to run the ball as many times as a service academy. Lockett was only targeted once, sure, it went for a score, but target the guy at least twice, please. No complaints about Le'Veon. No complaints about Fournette either actually, but I'd like to see him get in the endzone next time. Jared Cook came to New Orleans where he was going to score ten times this year, but I guess week one didn't include one of those scores. Dante Pettis.... what are you doing, Kyle Shanahan? Week one was rough, and I took some risks in my draft: all the rookie back up running backs. LeSean McCoy giveth and he taketh away with his effect on those guys. He freed up Devin Singletary for me, but he rendered Darwin Thompson useless. Justice Hill is probably a stud, but I have to wait for his opportunities. Ogunbowale is probably going to be a decent PPR player this year, but for some reason Ronald Jones decided to look good for the first time in his NFL career. My 49er picks were pretty risky too, but at least Jimmy G was a low risk, but also seemingly low reward now. Dante Pettis was apparently a big risk, but he is way too talented for Kyle Shanahan to be hating on him right now. I also drafted Kareem Hunt expecting him to help me on my playoff run... but, I have some work to do for that pick to even matter.

I had a GREAT Week One, thanks almost entirely to having started Sammy Watkins. And I came THAT close to pulling him just before the Sunday games started.

After my draft I thought I was loaded at RB and pretty sketchy on WRs, but it looks like my WR depth is going to be more than solid (Adam Thielen, Sammy Watkins, Will Fuller, Tyrell Williams, Michael Gallup, and Jamison Crowder).
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I had a disappointing week 1 but I'm not freaking out. Brandin Cooks catching 2 of only 6 targets plus Joe Mixon rolling his ankle became my undoing. Jamison Crowder getting 17 targets and catching 14 assures I'll start him in my Flex next week while Mixon mends, and hopefully Cooks will rebound.

Got the #1 waiver position now, in Fantasy Baseball it's not worth a tinker's damn but Football that's huge. Trying to be efficient how I run my team this year, but changed my team name half a dozen times. Perhaps I should call it "Patient TONGO". Now that's funny.

A system of cells interlinked
The saga continues...

Sexual Assault Allegations
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Heres another good name for my team - The Anaemic Express.

Maybe the Piddle Paddles.

Bring Out The Gimps!

The Free Win Squad.

The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Trading Block.

Ryan "Fitzy McFitzerzon" Fitzpatrick has completed a pass to the other team 7 times now on 7 differnt teams. That's an NFL record. Uh... Good job?
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Ryan "Fitzy McFitzerzon" Fitzpatrick has completed a pass to the other team 7 times now on 7 differnt teams. That's an NFL record. Uh... Good job?

Oof, Jeffrey gets hurt in the 2Q and never comes back and that, along with the weird points distribution on Philly *and* KC, probably cost me the week.

Plenty of games left, at least.

That feeling when you're losing and your opponent still has more players to play than you do.

At least I found a good name for my fantasy football team with The Longest Yards, because I think it's going to be a loooooooong season for the Tongster.