70-80's ANimated Movie Search for my girlfriend


I'm looking for an animated film form the 70 to 80s about a pirate and three women who are psychically linked. The goal of the movie was to find a planet ship, and the antagonist was a creature (robot) named Golden Boy. The Protaonist had a gun in his arm. I'm trying to figure it out because I wanted to show my girlfriend the video at the end.

No idea what this is. Sounds like a Japanese cartoon film. Such films came around once (maybe) and then vanish.
All secrets are safe with this man, because none are as deadly to him as his own. His secret is that he is Richard Kimble. (The Fugitive - Conspiracy of Silence)

This is Space Adventure Cobra!

It sounds familiar to me. I think moviefreak is right. Maybe, It's space adventure cobra. The story is interesting right?