Oscar's Best Supporting Actress 2020


Which is the next Oscar winner?
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Scarlett Johansson, JOJO RABBIT
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Florence Pugh, LITTLE WOMEN
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Margot Robbie, BOMBSHELL
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Finally saw Marriage Story last night and it pretty much solidified my vote for Dern. I wish Liotta had got more screen time, his character was one of my favorites in the film. The awkward/angry chemistry he and Dern had was pretty awesome to watch and I do think he helped with her getting the nomination in a round about way. Not taking anything away from her she definitely deserves it, but it helps to have chemistry on screen.

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Yes, I fear this is one of those years where all four are locks and the perceived favorite is going to win each of the acting awards. Oh, well.
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Laura Dern completed her awards season dominance with her win for Marriage Story. It is the first performance from a Noah Baumbach film to win an Oscar and was the only one of the movie's six nominations that got a statue tonight.

⬆️ Perfect.

Holden, did you ever see her in Enlightened, a 2-season HBO show? I highly recommend it.
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