Live Oscar Nominations


I still haven't seen it. Haven't seen any silent films, so -10,000 cinephile points for that.

I was speaking from the perspective that it kept winning that night, so it made for a boring time. When a good mix of movies wins here and there, it makes for more speculation and chat for me and the wife on why it won, what it's about, how the actor/designer did, as opposed to one movie just winning every time, especially when we haven't seen it like The Artist that night.

To be fair, that was back when we didn't know as much about the movies as we do now, as we've started going to the movies a lot more in recent years.

Sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about Oscar night for the film.

It just deflates our evening, really, when one movie keeps winning. Plus it means less variation to the speeches, outfits, and whatnot. Really glad I didn't watch the Oscars when Titanic & LOTR won everything.
Sorry, didn't realize you were talking about Oscar night for The Artist, I thought you were talking about the film itself.

No De Niro in lead actor?
No love for Uncut Gems? Should have at least gotten a nomination for screenplay.
Frozen 2 snubbed in best animation? My 7 year old niece is crying.
I see I lost my body and Klaus snuck in instead. Going to have to watch Klaus on Netflix now, as thatís been picking up steam of late.
Otherwise, not surprised by the nominations too greatly.

This is 1917ís oscar year. Probably will win about 5 Oscars Iíd say. Mostly the technical categories (cinematography, best production, sound mixing and sound editing) And best picture.
There will be yet another split for best director and best picture. Probably Phillips for Director.

I went to see 1917 yesterday but it was sold out. That hasnít happened to me in a very long time. Not with Star Wars, not with Marvel films. Crazy.