Recast your favorite movies


This might just do nobody any good.
(I read somewhere that Denzel was actually offered this role but rejected it because he thought the story was too dark)
He passed on Brad Pitt’s role.

He passed on Brad Pitt’s role.
Oh, okay. Glad that didn't happen then. Denzel can pull off any role, but somehow he looks best when he is doing calmer characters, and that wasn't one. Morgan's character was.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Dir. Joel and Ethan Coen

Josh Brolin as Arthur Morgan
Hugh Jackman as John Marston
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Dutch Van der Linde
Katheryn Winnick as Sadie Adler
James Cromwell as Hosea Matthews
Steven Ogg as Micah Bell
Winston Duke as Charles Smith
Diego Luna as Javier Escuella
Danny McBride as Bill Williamson
Eliza Taylor as Karen Jones
John Malkovich as Andrew Milton
Tyler James Williams as Lenny Summers
Kate Siegel as Abigail Roberts
David Thewlis as Josiah Trelawny
Aidan Gillen as Colm O'Driscoll
Ted Levine as Edgar Ross
Domhnall Gleeson as Sean MacGuire
Russell Hodgkinson as Uncle
Lew Temple as Reverend Swanson
Janelle Monae as Tilly Jackson
Frances McDormand as Susan Grimshaw
Blair Redford as Eagle Flies
Nick Offerman as Simon Pearson
Franco Nero as Angelo Bronte
Christoph Waltz as Leopold Strauss
Tom Wilkinson as Leviticus Cornwall
Emmy Rossum as Mary-Beth Gaskill
Kristin Scott Thomas as Molly O'Shea
Graham Greene as Rains Fall
Kelly MacDonald as Edith Downes
Chandler Riggs as Archie Downes
Tom Holland as Beau Gray
Kathryn Newton as Penelope Braithwaite
Janet McTeer as Catherine Braithwaite
Omar Sy as Hercule Fontaine
Andy Garcia as Alberto Fussar
Jackson Robert Scott as Jack Marston

Rock music and action movie obsessed guy,
Max Payne (2003)
Director: Louis Letterier
Writer: Sam Lake

Max Payne: Thomas Jane
Mona Sax: Jennifer Tilly
Nicole Horne: Meryl Streep
Vladamir Lem: Dolph Lundgren
Frankie Niagra: Chris Penn
Vincent Gognitti: Justin Theroux
Jack Lupino: Tony Curran

Released by Paramount Pictures.
I hate the 2008 film so I made it better.
Happiness is having your own library card.

The Shape of Water

Dir. Roger Corman
Audrey Hepburn as Elisa Esposito
George C. Scott as Colonel Richard Strickland
Fred Astaire as Giles
Ricou Browning as The Asset
Ruby Dee as Zelda Fuller
Ernest Borgnine as Dr. Robert Hoffstetler

Dir. Ken Russell
Diana Rigg as Elisa Esposito
Jon Voight as Colonel Richard Strickland
Fred MacMurray as Giles
Peter Mayhew as The Asset
Irma P. Hall as Zelda Fuller
Martin Landau as Dr. Robert Hoffstetler

Dir. David Cronenberg
Charlotte Rampling as Elisa Esposito
James Woods as Colonel Richard Strickland
Eli Wallach as Giles
Carel Struycken as The Asset
Diahann Carroll as Zelda Fuller
Albert Finney as Dr. Robert Hoffstetler

Dir. Guillermo Del Toro
Lesley Manville as Elisa Esposito
Ted Levine as Colonel Richard Strickland
Darren McGavin as Giles
Carel Struycken as The Asset
Loretta Devine as Zelda Fuller
John Lithgow as Dr. Robert Hoffstetler

Dir. Guillermo Del Toro
Shirley Henderson as Elisa Esposito
Josh Brolin as Colonel Richard Strickland
Dabney Coleman as Giles
Doug Jones as The Asset
Angela Bassett as Zelda Fuller
Robin Williams as Dr. Robert Hoffstetler

Robocop (1997)
Dir. Alex Proyas

Viggo Mortensen as Murphy/Robocop

Virginia Madsen as Anne Lewis

Powers Boothe as Dick Jones

John Malkovich as Clarence Boddicker

Guy Pearce as Bob Morton

Danny Glover as Sergeant Reed

Ray Liotta as Leon Nash

Jeremy Renner as Emil

Wesley Snipes as Joe Cox

A Perfect World(2013)
Dir. Steven Spielberg

Casey Affleck as Butch Haynes

Ed Harris as Sherrif Red Garrnett

Rosamund Pike as Sally

Total Recall (2000)
Dir. Ridley Scott

James Caveziel as Douglas Quaid
Jennifer Lopez as Lori
Kevin Kline as Vilos Cohaagen
Sean Bean as Richter


Dir. Jonathan Glazer

Stalker - Woody Harrelson

Stalkers Wife - Juliette Binoche

Writer - Clive Owen

Scientist - Jonathan Pryce

The Nice Guys (1996)
Dir. Tony Scott

Harrison Ford as Jackson Healy
Brad Pitt as Holland March
Christina Ricci as Holly March
Robert Patrick as John Boy
Yaphet Kotto as Older Guy
Ellen Burstyn as Judith Kuttner

Baby Driver (1997)
Dir. Quentin Tarantino

Christian Bale as Baby
Gwyneth Paltrow as Debora
Jack Nicholson as Doc
John Travolta as Buddy
Samuel L. Jackson as Bats
Penelope Cruz as Darling
Michael Madsen as Griff

In my recast about Face/Off (1997).

Sylvester Stallone - Sean Archer/Castor Troy
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Castor Troy/Sean Archer
Sandahl Bergman - Eve Archer
Jean-Claude Van Damme - Pollux Troy
Rene Russo - Sasha Hassler
Alyssa Milano - Jamie Archer
Michael Ironside - Dietrich Hassler
Clint Eastwood - Victor Lazarro
I like this cast except for Bergman...Eve Archer is a very complex role and I would want someone with more acting chops in the role.

Christian Bale is too old for Baby
Christian Bale would’ve been 23 in 1997.

"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"

Surf Nazis Must Die (classic Troma film)

Written and Directed by:
James Gunn

Octavia Spencer as Eleanor Washington
Donald Glover as Leroy Washington
Edgar Martinez as Adolf
Isla Fisher as Eva
Jonah Hill as Mengele
Chad Michael Murray as Hook
Channing Tatum as Brutus
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Smeg

Cameos by:
Matthew McConaughey as Ariel (leader of the hippie surfers)
Daniel Wu as Wang (leader of the Asian surfer gang)
It's All About the Movies

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Dir. Kenneth Branagh

Taron Egerton as Quasimodo
Oona Chaplin as Esmeralda
Chris Hemsworth as Phoebus
Ian McKellen as Frollo
Sacha Baron Cohen as Clopin
Bill Nye as Victor
Jonah Hill as Hugo
Maggie Smith as Laverne
Stellan Skarsgard as Archdeacon

PRISON BREAK movie (2015)
Chris Hemsworth as Lincoln Burrows
Eddie Redmayne as Michael Scofield
Jared Leto as T-Bag
Oscar Isaac as Sucre
Anna Kendrick as Dr.Sarah Tancredi
Michael Shannon as Brad Bellick
Hugh Jackman as Alex Mahone
Jake Gyllenhaal as Paul Kellerman
Ashley Greene as Gretchen Morgan
J.K.Simmons as General
Mila Kunis as Veronica
Gabriel Byrne as Warden Pope
Johnny Depp as John Abruzzi