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You can't win an argument just by being right!

3 Billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

This is a placeholder for the date of viewing. I really want to sit on this one, because I was not too impressed. Thoughts incoming.

Looking forward to it, DD.


Accept the mystery."

A Serious Man (2009)

What the hell did I just watch?! Never before, have I enjoyed a movie so much, that I had no clue what happened. Is that the point? If so, then why? Sure there is a middle-aged father with a s*** marriage, a pothead son and a daughter...well, I'm pretty sure she isn't washing that hair.

It is fitting that I watched this after 3 Billboards, which came across as a less than thin Coen Bros.' clone. In A Simple Serious Man, you have a movie with so much strange and unknown intertwined and working in a brilliant way. This movie plays like warm butter, smoothly from one scene to the next. Seamless and delicious.

Where the hell was I in 2009? I remember Hurt Locker and IG, but this? No recollection at all. I'm kinda glad, because this lovely will be something to revisit. Stahlbarg was my favorite part of Fargo S3, wonderful in SoW, and lo and behold he makes this one.

I would rate this higher, but I have no clue what happened.

You can't win an argument just by being right!
I had never herd of that either and had to look it up.

" I miss the days whens one's biggest concern is exploding wind-up penguins."

Justice League (2017)

The Justice League is without a doubt the most iconic collection of heroes ever. There is no arguing that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman form a trinity that is unbeatable by any other trio de heroes. How hard can it be to be to make a functional superhero movie in this day and age?

I don't pray allegiance to one comic hero or house. My experiences have often been with the broad swath movies and cartoons made for mass consumption. Please don't misconstrue anything I say coming from a place of any knowledge.

Possible film pitch at Warners. "We need to get Supes, Bats and WeeWee(?) together on the big screen. Those guys at the mouse are killing us and we have the best characters! Let's have Bruce Wayne go around and have conversations with strangers and try to convince them to die with him. Why?

Hmmm....something is coming that will threaten everything. Yeah! Now we're cooking. And we need something to chase, so let's have these three boxes that come together and we will eventually have to separate. I'm worried that we can't write enough material for 3 characters, so let' add two more. Boo-yah! How many generic actions scenes do we need? Let's figure it out later. "

I could go on and on, but I wouldn't want to read it either. This movies have to be extremely hard to make. Maybe they give these directors too much money and the creativity that flourishes from tight budgets is lost. I 'm of the belief that a movie with the 3 most iconic heroes won't work to begin with. The Avengers are no slouches, but Ironman and his cronies aren't the Trinity either.

This movie isn't horrible, it just isn't any good either.

"But what does a light in the darkness do?
It draws flies.
Vile, unclean, like you."

Gotham by Gaslight (2018)

The latest offering from DC Animated takes the familiar Batman roster and drops them in Victorian age Gotham. What takes place is a refreshing change of pace that is mired by the usual hangups.

I really enjoyed GbG. It gives me hope that one day we will get a one-off comic movie with familiar characters in an alternate setting. No buildups, no explanations as to why, just do. Being familiar with these characters makes it easier to go along with the story at hand. I give DC all the credit in the world for this.

That's not to say this isn't without its flaws. Bruce Greenwood, captain of the Bruce Wayne JV squad voice talent is one. He just sounds to old for this version of the Crusader. The animation isn't that great, but most of these never are. It always appears that frames are missing and comes across cheap at times.

Gotham by Gaslight is well worth the watch. Take all the familiar characters, mixed up in a different time and enjoy. I could have done without the R-rating. It seemed unnecessary and doesn't add much the way they used it. I'm sure marketing has something to with it.

"I'll tell you one thing I'm gonna do.
Ima take a hate crap in that pool."

The House (2017)

When the two best parts of a movie are Andrea Savage MMA and Snoop Dogg's "Gz and Hustlas"...

I can't fathom a movie having so many comedians in it and being so devoid of humor. Yeah, I know what type of movie this is. Stupid movies can be entertaining if done right. This one wouldn't even pass for writing on a tv sitcom that only lasted one season. Let's be honest, I couldn't watch another DC movie.

"Get promoted and expose the truth behind the mystery."

Full Metal Alchemist (2017)

Full Metal Alchemist was something I was exposed to thanks to AS. While never snaring me like DBZ, I always found it charming and enjoyable. The live action film was just charming.

The film starts off on the right foot with a great action sequence. After that, we are treated to a Japanese version of Murder She Wrote. Basically it turns into a mystery in a mystery that isn't very impressive. Then cue your showdown.

While charming, this version of FMA is sure to leave all types of fans disappointed in some way. Not close enough to source material, while not easily digestible for the super caszh (me).

"Glass tables are acting weird tonight."

Game Night (2018)

February use to be a graveyard for Hollywood movies. Items that were put into the ground, given a moment's notice and then left forgotten for the most part. Movies like the record setting Black Panther and Game Night have shown that February might not be dead after all.

Hi! My name's Bastien. I enjoy cuddles and have an affinity for red sauce.

Rachel McAdams and the ever youthful Jason Bateman are a couple that fell in love over a shared enthusiasm for gaming. No, not 60 fps games, but those of boards and verbs. They are attempting to have a child and live next to "the guy who shot that kid in Breaking Bad". He's a super-creeper with a sweet puff of a Westie, Bastien. Plus, his wife left him and it's apparent he will never get over it. The McBateman couple had made the mistake of including him and his wife in the past and now try to avoid the now single neighbor. That's enough exposition.

Jesse Plemons and Bastien, enjoy

What follows is a standard mix of hijinks and quips played by an excellent cast. All the characters offer something, but no one ever bogs down the proceedings. There is a great Denzel Washington story, a Jeffery Wright appearance and the enjoyable one-shot of a game of Hot Potato. It all works and is accompanied by a BRILLIANT score.

Whether it was a crowd a few in on a Saturday or pure magic, this scene ignited a communal fit of laughter.

Let's talk about that real quick. I thought it sounded like a cross of a
toned down Daft Punk Tron soundtrack with the feel of the music from Drive. Lo and behold, turns out it's a Cliff Martinez soundtrack. It is glorious and yes, Bastien has a self-titled track on the score.

A simple movie executed perfectly with
the pulsating magic of Cliff Martinez sound.

"Are you going to give me some trouble, big boy,
or are you going to channel that famous Amish serenity?"

Mute (2018)

I guess a skeptic would see this coming from a mile away. "Look at this guy's favorite movies, totally biased. I mean, he thinks David Bowie was born on another planet. All the reviews say this is hot garb, so don't even bother." I want to know, who did Duncan Jones piss off in Hollywood?

If this is Jones return to form, it's not Moon. So I guess if it's not a masterpiece made with the change in the couch, it has to be a steaming pile? Something smells funny about the way this film is being received, because it is really good.

Take one part strong silent type, add missing mysterious girlfriend, and shake with two random scumbags. Ummm... sounds pretty good so far. Throw in some great looking sets and great music, now you're cooking with gas. What plays out is a Man on Fire type, looking for answers.

Critics said, "...this is a muddled mess of a plot. scene looks like a 5th Element yard sale. ... Netflix's plan on giving out creative control to these directors is blowing up in their face..."

Oh I get it now. This is about Netflix

Mute is not Moon. Not much is. Mute is a good bit of scifi. If you are a guy from NC who is a casual movie fan that has had trouble making it through movies at home recently (breath) but stayed glued to your tv the whole time and enjoyed soaking up futuristic Berlin. After the push behind movies like 3B's and all the vitriol spewed at Mute, either I'm going crazy or there are definitely a lot of agendas being published nowadays.

Let's be real here people. Doesn't everyone give the Germans sh!+ for dressing crazy? I hate to be tinfoil hat guy, but this movie doesn't match up to the reviews.

"Every human being is a puzzle of need. You must become the missing piece and they will tell you anything."

Red Sparrow (2018)

Much is being made about the graphic nature of this film. If you have been sheltered your entire life, never seen a R-rated film, or maybe a faux internet crusader.

A young woman suffers a work related injury that throws her into a convoluted web of deception . She undergoes a series of events that play out as filler to showcase some sexual acts and body damage. Add Joel Edge and his dreamy, squinty gaze because we need a face. Jeremy Irons (real life, castle dwelling smoker) purses his lips and smokes in grand fashion.

I won't remember much about this movie except for a scene where JLaw's character steals a fellow comrades mojo. In light of her abuses, it was a different and empowering take on full nudity.

The Last Jedi (2017)

This stuff just isn't Star Wars. I won't be the eightygabillionth person... I am so selfish to think that it is suppose to be a certain way, but this is just a bunch of spaghetti on wall. I haven't been in this foul a mood in a while.

Alicia V Scream and Squeal Reel (2018)

This movie looks good to a certain degree. It features an updated and improved version of the Bloodsport (and I'm sure a million other worse movies ) boat-race and a bunch of dudes on bikes tryna grab your girl's bum. Not bad, not good. Being a fan of the V and gaming, I felt an obligation to support this.

Mr. Coggins. Please sir, fire that hairline before it quits. We will always have Boyd.

Really got tired of hearing this lass, Scream, Squeal, Scream, Squeal, Scream.

and a lot of intentional misspellings on my part, just to piss off Mr. Spellcheck!

"F no! I'm not packing a spork!"

Thoroughbreds (2018)

I guess this wasn't the first time I've been fooled by a trailer. Two snooty teens, ******* stepdad and a mother that seems to be living in another world. It looked so sharp and witty and interesting. It just didn't work out that way. It features a majestic house that I could look through all day and 5 minutes of Anton Yelchin. I had prepped a bunch of images to use, but it doesn't warrant that much attention.

Strike down ye' who compares this to Heathers!

"I'm over here, I'm holding on to the poop side of this scrubber."

Game Over, Man! (2018)

If you want to hang out with the Workaholics a little more, you may still be disappointed. Not much going on here, nominated to background movie of the year list. You know, one you don't pause when you leave the room.

"Don't you think maybe they are the same thing?
Love and attention?"

Lady Bird (2017)

I can appreciate watching a bad movie (Game Over, Man!) because I will go into with no expectations. I'm not disappointed, because I didn't expect much to begin with.

I have to say I was disappointed with Lady Bird. It is a fine movie, but nothing really special. This seems like every teenager ever. Every moment is the biggest deal, don't get along with a parent(s), change friends because you think you want something different. I thought there was a special movie waiting here, but it wasn't.

This movie is perfectly average.

"Real life sucks losers dry."

Heathers (1988)

First thing I have to get off my chest, some of the acting is really bad. Astonishling poor. But I love this movie. It is so absurd and unbelievable. Say what you want, but this movie doesn't work without the dream team couple of Winona and Christian Slater. I love my 80's films and this is a great antithesis to the John Hughes styling that most followed.

How can Christian Slater be great and horrible at the same time?

" It's F'in Chucky! "

Ready Player One (2018)

I was excited to see RPO. A smorgasbord of pop-culture references from my childhood by a director who basically directed my childhood. What a wonderful idea, if you execute it.

The only issue I really had with myriad references, was that they went by so fast you didn't really get to relish much. Short of that one "movie scene" they entered, it kinda fell flat. The whole movie rang hollow and didn't even look like a Spielberg. You know what Spielberg movies look like and this one just seemed so ordinary. Like when McTiernan let that guy film that scene in Predator....

" shhhhhhhhh.... "

A Quiet Place (2018)

I must have read all those reviews wrong, because this one didn't fly with me. I can understand the lack of sound and the desired effect, but it didn't work on me. Part of this is due to the lack of any real release from the tension. There are no jump scares or anything else to break the monotony. Horror (which I wouldn't classify this as) isn't my go to genre, but this was so boring and a waste of time. Thankfully, it runs quick. I was gonna strangle myself the next time I saw someone put their index finger on their lips.

" Will you help him, the little pilot?

Why should I?

Because he's a twelve year old boy, dogs love those. "

Isle of Dogs (2018)

Charming, delightful, intricate. What an enjoyable experience. I have grown somewhat tired of Anderson's "dollhouse" aesthetic for live films, but it is perfect for this form.

Attention to detail is a buzzword that is overused. This is beyond. To sum it up, there is a scene that involves the preparation of sushi. When the chef is finished, his food service gloves show the moisture inside making the gloves stick to his hand. Astounding!

Try not to think of how much time went into making this.

Employee Pick of the Year numero deux