Movie to identify


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my friend once told me about a movie, it was about a father and his two sons living in a house somewhere, no in a city... maybe countryside...

and somehow the father starts to see all those visions that he thinks God tells him to kill some people... and he sends him in the vision an axe or something... and the two sons soon start to be afraid and do something about his behavior...

i think i even saw a trailer of the movie, but i don't know the name or any actors... and its not an old movie, not earlier than 1990's

Wow, this is at least the third time someone's posted a thread looking for Frailty over the last year or two! I think it's one of maybe just two or three movies to even have more than one such searcher. I guess it's got to be because of its inherently intriguing concept, lack of big-name stars, ambiguous title, and relatively modest budget/release. It lends itself to being simultaneously remembered and forgotten.