Trailer about solving Wooden Puzzle unlocks Secrets to House


Please help me determine this Movie Title! and Thanks!

Today I was fumbling through Amazon Movies and came across a thread I could not retrace my steps to. The movie was a Rent or Buy option (having Prime). Prior to accidentally pressing the, home button, and losing the thread; the trailer was something like this...

Man and Woman are in a house. Their focus is this wooden cylinder puzzle (like a wooden puzzle box), they find they were unlocking secrets of the house; one scene a drawer in the house popped open after they solved some puzzle; there was a scene where they found a very old type writer. Most of the trailer seemed like the puzzles you would solve at an Escape Room.

The house seemed older and plot era seemed current.

I think possible year range of when film was released could be 2015-2018.

Been searching for hours to find this movie again, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Found it! Movie is, Solver (2018).