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Originally Posted by linespalsy;377679What did you find missing? I didn't love [B
Jet Li's Fearless[/b] either, but I haven't really given it much thought till now. I think it was more subdued than I was expecting, which isn't necesarily a bad thing. Also wonder how old Jet Li must be by now. I thought he did a pretty good job playing a young guy, for such an old guy.
Same film. Huo Yuan Jia is Fearless. I felt like they put a lot of time into the character but then gaffed the ending and copped out. The silly finale left a sour taste in my mouth, after enjoying two acts of some pretty good drama and some great martial arts.


Sunshine (Boyle, 2006) - Second time. I love this film. Now Adi will have something else to rag on me about as I shove this film down my throat 100 times...
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Keeping the faith - a romantic comedy...kinda. The comedy was seriously lacking and it had such potential with people like Jenna Elfman and Ben Stiller. The whole time i was watching it i was wishing it was a serious movie instead of this romance that had brilliant comic actors in it.

I found myself more emotionally moved than i was thinking that something was funny. I wish there were two versions of this film, a serious romance cause theres real conflict at the base of it. And a comedy because theres so much potential there.


Yeah, it's good, but not as good as I was expecting. I was looking forward to an all around great film. Instead, I got a good action movie. Oh well, it's good for what it is.

Side note. If they were really as bad ass as they thought they were they wouldn't have to tell everyone how a Spartan does what they do, they'd just do it.

"Want some cheese?"

"We Spartans don't eat cheese! Ha ha ha. Look at this silly fool! We kill people who offer us cheese!"

Then the Spartan proceeds to kill the person offering the gift of cheese.
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Blades of glory(Josh Gordon Will Speck 2007)-every year I wait to watch some comedy with Will Ferrell or Jon Heder but to see them both ice skating is a blessing

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The Chimes at Midnight
Where does one acquire a copy of this?

On a side note:

The Second Circle (Directed by Aleksandr Sokurov)

Where does one acquire a copy of (The Chimes at Midnight)?
I work at a university and we have it in our video library. The version I saw was the spanish dvd (in english with spanish subtitles and menus) under the title "Falstaff". I've seen this version for sale on amazon, you might need a dvd player that can read european discs to watch it though. It's an excellent movie, might take a couple viewings to figure out who's who if your unfamiliar with Shakespeare but I strongly recomend seeing it if you get the chance.

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Black Snake Moan (Brewer, 2006)

Liked this alot. The unique "Southern roots" flavor and Indie feel had me chomping at the bit to see this, and although it isn't quite what I expected, I loved what it did for me. The characters and the music seem to work in tandem to supercharge this movie not just with soul, but with heart. My only regret is that Sam Jackson isn't a better singer -- his bits would have been so much more haunting -- but there's a freshness and sincerity here that you don't really find anymore.

Best Lines: I remember my first time, it was out behind my uncle's barn with my second cousin. She was two tons if she weighed a pound, I could have done better for myself.

The Ref (Demme, 1994)

Some hilarious dialogue and surprisingly good dramatic stuff among troubled family (it actually rose out of "silly in-laws" guff and into something serious), but by the end, the resolution felt forced and faked. Also, Denis Leary's character slowly tended to lose his significance for even being there, so much so that his departure was more a formality than anything else.

Best Lines: Grandma is starting to chew through the tape.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Verbinski, 2007)

Honestly, I don't feel right reviewing this because I only paid moderate attention to it. The production value was high, but everything else seemed cluttered, stale, forced, obtuse, or any combination of the four. I'm just never impressed when I feel like a film is trying desperately to wow me, or make me guffaw at some kind of "inside joke" I've heard before in previous installments. But hey, at least maybe we're done with the Pirates sequels.

Best Lines: I have no sympathy for any of you feculent maggots and no more patience to pretend otherwise. Gentlemen, I wash my hand of this weirdness.

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the simpsons movie - same old sutff, too short and the plot was a bit naff

A Clockwork Orange - first time viewing, strange but brilliant

Guarding Tess - love this film, shirley maclaine rocks my socks off


I can't get over the depth of field in this movie. My guess - Prime lenses. Flippin' awesome. This is a pretty dope'a'thon movie. Anyone know how he got all the cars to look all creamy? Everything was so clean. Even the squirrel's! I recommend.

The Simpsons Movie-From time to time I watch some of the episodes but on Fox life I think they are showing only one season over and over again but the movie was it had a lot of funny moments

Sunshine (6/10) Cgi's were good. Theme of the film was interesting. However I didnt care for the last 1/3 of the film. Nothing really ground breaking either.

Bourne Ultimatum (8/10) Only thing I hated was the shaky cam. I'm sure it was worse than the previous two in that regards. The fights scenes would be soo much better if they cut that down a bit. Even the car chase scenes got a little crazy with the up/down, left and right jerking of the camera. Gets a little annoying after awhile.

Oceans 13 (7/10) Much better than the second but still not better than the first.

Evan Almighty (8/10) Loved this one and thought it was very funny. Many people dissing this film but I am not one of them.

I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (6.5/10) Some jokes were terrible but others like that shower scene were hilarious.

Sideways (6.5/10) I'm not huge on male frontal nudity but that one scene was just friggin' hilarious lol.

Avanti (5/10) Meh, it was ok but very long and boring for the most part. A couple funny scenes but nothing to make me want to watch again anytime in the near future. I dunno. It seemed to want to have you feel good and accept that it was ok for a guy to cheat on his wife. :rolleyes

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Blowup 4.5/5

What I like about this film is that while it is very much of and about the sixties, it hardly feels dated at all (in contrast to, say La Dolce Vita, or depictions of 'swinging sixties' parties in films like Breakfast at Tiffany's or Midnight Cowboy). Perhaps this is partly because fashion at the moment is really sixties-inspired, so the clothes actually seem modern.

Rope (1948) 7.5/10

It's always interesting to see the acting way back then. The style is very unusual.

Interesting story there with a simple ending. I wonder if a remake of this will take place.

Dumb and Dumber(Farrelly Brothers 1994)-

Sunshine(Danny Boyle 2007)-Just watched it,I knew getting it on DVD was worth it Just brilliant,reminds me somehow of Event Horizon don't you think?Anyway-

Watched Blade Runner again since a wee little lad and it still made me depressed and unenjoyable. I know allot of people around here love this film but it just doesnt do it for me.

Shooter (7.5/10)

The ending finally made sense to me this second viewing since I first saw it in theatre.

The Magdalene Sisters (2002) 4/5
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Sunshine (Boyle, 2007)

Third time, and I am still blown away by this film..

The Transformers (Bay, 2007)

Not good...

Pick Up on South Street (Fuller, 1953)

Love me some Thelma Ritter! Great work all around in this one...

Akira (Otomo, 1988)

Knife in the Water (Polanski, 1962)

Human Traffic (Kerrigan, 1999)

Not a great film, but managed to tap into the vibe of the rave scene in the late 90s, so I dug it...