Trying to find a looking for movie thread


Sit Ubu Sit.... Good Dog
I think I found the movie someone was asking about but can't find the thread. They were asking about a movie that was similar to The Thing with the head and tentacles walking around, I have been looking but can't find the thread and I think I found the answer.... any help would be useful.

If you can remember roughly when the thread might have been originated perhaps Yoda might be able to offer a little help? Best of luck finding it - always nice to be able to answer one of those searches

Sit Ubu Sit.... Good Dog
it's not that, I know that most of the comments were The Thing, something about a head with tentacles or spider with a head, something like that

Sit Ubu Sit.... Good Dog
Sorry that's not it either, thanks for trying, I remember the first response to the post was the scene from the Thing where the guys head grows tentacles or whatever and starts walking around.

I can run specific searches on the database if you can give me a bit more to go on. Just searching for "the thing" from posts in this forum hasn't shown me much.