Will Movies become obsolete in the future ?


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They better.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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No, and I'm not really sure I understand how or why it would happen, even theoretically. Movies haven't supplanted books, after all, because they have different limitations and capabilities.

That said, I think video games will continue to grow in popularity and influence and more or less be accepted as a type of art form before the century is out (and probably much sooner).
Good points. If anything I can see video games taking a lion's share out of movies. We will always have indie films or some variation of the medium, but maybe not the way we do today. I don't watch nearly as many films as I used to since I sold myself to the XBOX. Also Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime have made binge watching television shows more common place.

I actually watch more television than film now: "Luther," "House of Cards." "The Walking Dead," "Breaking Bad," "The Wire," "Chance," "Bosch," and on and on... if anything that could also take away from how we watch films today. Especially since some films are directly released on streaming instead of theaters first like Beasts of No Nation or that recent Brad Pitt movie.
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