Make way for tomorrow


Yes, it's certainly one of the saddest movies ever made, at least one in which no one dies. They could really make 3 hankie tear jerkers in the '30s!

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Steaming pile of crap.

Movie Forums: There's Just No Accounting For Taste
Why do you say that? Most of us who watched Make Way For Tomorrow in a HoF thought well of it. I don't think anyone flat out hated it.
A lot of people hated it, not that makes any difference to me.

If you watch this video, it includes the Wells', it would make a stone cry" quote and also that it completely bombed.

I had no sympathy for the ignorant old couple, didn't like anyone else either.

This is high on my to watch list, anybody seen it?

Welles is quoted as saying "Oh my God, that's the saddest movie ever made"

Said to be an inspiration for Tokyo Story.
If you're interested here's a link to the 1930s HoF where Make Way for Tomorrow was one of the noms. It came in second place. You can read the members reviews of the movie by clicking on the links for the movie.