Obscure films that deserves more attention


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Sorry, but watching obscure Bengali films with one rating on IMDb doesn't automatically make you a refined cinephile.

Obscure vs. mainstream is a much bigger opposition that any one person can change. I made a lot of people watch some obscure films I love and these films are still obscure because tens of thousands would have to watch them to change that. And then even these thousands, if specific cinephiles from one country, wouldn't make the film popular worldwide.

Whether or not it makes sense to recommend a given film in the first place is another question, though (as in, recommending a good hunting rifle to a fisherman is quite pointless).
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All John Sayles deserves more attention, but especially Secaucus 7, Matewan, Brother From Another Planet, Lianna, Lone Star and Men With Guns.

Marshland (2014) was a very worthy piece of Spanish thriller which I'm not sure it's that well known outside of Spain.

The safety of objects (2001) was a pretty solid set of interwoven stories, too.

Old acquaintance (1943) has Bette Davis playing a goody-two-shoes for a change, and Miriam Hopkins is delightful at being an over the top b***h.

The Three Colors trilogy is stunning and I think its popularity has dwindled a lot in subsequent years. Blue and Red are especially brilliant.

Sidney Lumet's Power (1986) seems very underrated to me, I don't get why it's never been more popular.
I love Old Acquaintance