A Christmas Story Christmas


"Honor is not in the Weapon. It is in the Man"
Now streaming on HBOMax, Peter Billingsley returns to his iconic role of Ralph Parker in "A Christmas Story Christmas", where the now adult Ralphie takes his family to his childhood hometown where he plans to honor his late father by coming with a Christmas for the ages in the 1970s.

Billingsley also came up with the story for the film, and returning from the original are Scott Schwartz as Flick, RD Robb as Schwartz, Zack Ward as Scut Farkus, and Ian Petrella as Randy. Julie Hagerty ("Airplane") replaces Melinda Dillon as Mrs. Parker.

It's All About the Movies

This sounds like a really terrible idea, as much as I love the original movie, and I guess that's why I think it's a terrible idea, because I'm pretty sure it will destroy the original movie's legacy.

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"This is that human freedom, which all boast that they possess, and which consists solely in the fact, that men are conscious of their own desire, but are ignorant of the causes whereby that desire has been determined." -Baruch Spinoza

I watched this today. Although not as good as the original, this has enough charm, warmth and humour to make it worthwhile. My rating is 7/10.