70's or 80's sci-fi TV episode or movie where pretty girls pop balloon


There was either a movie or an episode of a TV show (most likely from the 70's or 80's) where a man needed something. Either help or information, and a person offered to help if he could keep a balloon (or possibly multiple balloons) from being popped. He thought it would be easy but then some pretty girls came by and one of them popped the balloon(s). It was a cheesy movie/show. I don't think it was Buck Rogers, but it was reminiscent of that.

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The prisoner TV series?

The prisoner TV series?
I don't think that's it. It wasn't a weather balloon. I believe there were a few balloons (though not certain). And it was inside, in a dark hallway. I want to say that space travel was a thing in the movie/show.

Of all the titles listed at https://www.imdb.com/search/keyword/...=detail&page=1 and https://www.imdb.com/search/keyword/...=detail&page=1 , only KISS Meets Phantom of the Park (1978) looks at all plausible. But I am sorry to say that I am not familiar with all the plot turns of this 70s classic. ;-)

No, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a comedy. It was supposed to be serious, but they weren't trying too hard to make it overly realistic. That's why It made me think of Buck Rogers.
Yeah, I figured. It just sounded like something The Benny Hill Show would do.