Ghostbusters (General Thread)


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My opinions on the Ghostbusters franchise aren't the most common ones. That doesn't mean I don't like the original or find the 2016 reboot an absolute masterpiece (Haven't even seen it). What many would disagree with is Ghostbusters 2 not being such a big step down.

Yes it doesn't really make sense that the Ghostbusters are hated and everyone have seemingly forgotten about their incredible bravery saving the entire city from ghosts. But that's the only serious flaw I have with it, and I found myself just as entertained by it as the original. The characters never feel off and are wonderfully acted by the whole cast, the villain played by Peter MacNichol is a delight. I've been a fan of this actor for some time, so it's no surprise I really liked him here too.
I also don't consider either movie the absolute pinnacle of cinema, just cute energetic comedies. That's probably why I can't identify with that disappointment many felt from the sequel.

I have no interest in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Harold Ramis has been dead for years, and Rick Moranis didn't pull himself out of retirement to appear in it. So why should I care? Some new crew takes over? Pretty much makes it a different movie for me. The gadgets? They are cool, but they were never the point. While it's most likely better than the previous reiteration (Which looks like a trainwreck despite actually enjoying Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy's previous work) I can also live without seeing it, at least in terms of theaters.

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I don't care for it.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

There is not really a sense of menace in this one (after all, you don't want to sense that little kids are about to get ganked in a light-hearted comedy), but the original hinted that bad things could indeed happen (even though they would not).

It was cute. A sort of coda to a lost talent, but it's a bit wobbly.
I never thought of a sense of menace in the original 1984 movie. What I loved about it was the sense that it's just another day in the Big City, a lite-hearted romp with a 500 foot marshmallow man, complete with guys in jumpsuits with blasters. Part of the New York attitude is prideful sort of "been there, seen that" way of looking at things. Being a lifer in Northeastern cities, it's amazing to think of all the things I have seen, but so far my list does not include Mr Marshmallow, so, even in the Big Apple, that would be impressive.

All of the other versions were technically crafted well, but, by then, I had "been there, seen that", so it didn't make as much of an impact. Maybe that's why they put the latest one in a small town.