This is a new documentry about the JSOC (joint special operations command). The movie is great, but should anyone be surprised that the USA has a special hit team who does not care whom they kill? The focus of this film was the killing of a police chief and two pregnant ladies at his home. It was later admitted that is was a mistake. We find out that the special commander is Admiral VanRaven(sic). The movie moves on to other secret incursions like the many which have occured in Yemen, killing many children and innocent Muslim Ladies.The film producer is openly threatened on the telephone and his computer is hacked by the NSA(He is an American). OMG! Sounds like another Phoenix program from the Vietnam war, except Vietnam was a real war. The movie highlights the irony of a President who is a Noble Prize winner and his continuing consent to wholesale killing. This is an excellent documentry but with no surprises at all.