Songs That You Never Want to Hear in Movies Again


Songs that are overused to the point that you cringe when you hear them (e.g., A Vietnam War film with Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worthy or CCR's Fortunate Son).

Allow me to play three cards

White Rabbit -- Jefferson Airplane

Paint it Black -- Rolling Stones

Hallelujah -- Leonard Cohen

White Rabbit -- Jefferson Airplane
You're in for a treat if you'll watch the new Netflix show 1899.

Oh, and I guess I'll add The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash to the list.

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"Hallelujah" is the first one that came to mind... I wish they'd stop with the same old classical music, and maybe introduce us to something else? I do love most of the pieces, though.

Time of the Season - Zombies

At this point, if you are a movie that uses this to evoke the 'spirit of the stink hippy 60's', you are making a bad movie.

The "60's Movie" has a shockingly small playlist. There are a handful of songs that must be played it seems.

The "60's Movie" has a shockingly small playlist. There are a handful of songs that must be played it seems.

There is no end of great songs from that era, both well known and not well known, that could do the trick if the people who made these decisions had any imaginations.

Clearly, someone thinks that Boomers need immediate signifiers to know what decade they are in. White Rabbit, Sunshine of Your Love, For What it's Worth and Time of the Season seem to offer the quickest shortcuts. And as good as all of those songs are, I feel the nausea of pandering low expectations everytime they are now played in a film.

Gimme Shelter - It is a good song, but please... this song has been used to death in movies and tv shows. The Departed was the most recent movie I saw that used this song.

Sweet Home Alabama - The song was already played to death in the first place. So much so that there is even a movie called this. Although I never saw it due to there being many "chick-flicks" I would prefer to watch.

We don't have to include Smashmouth's "All Star" anymore, but there was a hot minute when this was the "Macarena" of s****y movie soundtracks.

OK, I am throwing this track into the mix too.