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whats the name of the movie with i think 3 sisters. the begging has a orchard with blossoms falling down. one sister married a guy who she can only see at night by candle light. one sister goes to save the other by disguising herself as a man and climbing up the mountain into the castle to free her. the guy that helps her do this is employed in the castle, makes her wear BIG boots and walk like a man... help?

i believe so, do you know its name?

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If it is, they sure made major changes in that Anton Chekhov play.

its not the cherry orchard, or the three sisters by anton chekhov, unless theres something in the wiki-plot im not seeing relevant to my question.... any other suggestions?

its in English ; however, i don't believe it was designed for the purpose of learning English

Time frame and genre? If you know?
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maybe 1600s??? a family type movie i think

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maybe 1600s??? a family type movie i think
No no, what year (roughly) was the movie released? 80s? 90s? I doubt it's a movie from the 1600s. If so, you're sitting on a goldmine, friend. SELL, SELL, SELL!!
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i have no idea...

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but probably you can say when you watched ? how many years ago ..

just in case check this may be you can remember more info ?
Three Sisters (1970)
The Three Sisters (1966)
The Three Sisters TV series 1965–1983

if you really know that is not the three sisters by anton chekhov

(Can you tell what different your plot/story ?)