i cant remember the name of this movie or the year


there's a girl she like a detective she continuously has memories of her death.. but its not her now its her from like 40 years ago.. like a reincarnation thing. she investigating the murder of a young woman of interest who "fell" down an elevator shaft and had her apartment building condemned for this. in the end the guy who killed the girl the first time is like the new girls partner and he tries to kill her again the same way he did it the first time, but does not succeed. can anyone help me with this riddle?

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All I can tell you is your movie most likely was released after 1991 because it is similar to Dead Again and there never had been a movie with that kind of story before it.

It might be a TV movie because they often do knock-offs of theatrical movies.

This one has a similar story to the one you describe, but the details don't match.


Possibly "Dying to Remember" (1993, made-for-TV) starring Melissa Gilbert, which apparently involves a murder from the past and the reincarnated woman having nightmares about being pushed into an open elevator shaft.

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that's it... dying to remember... question answered!!!